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England Fans Are Nervous Ahead Of The Three Lions First Final In 55 Years At Euro 2020

The aspirations of a nation are riding on the shoulders of England’s football team, as fans wake up early to begin a day of celebrations ahead of the Three Lions’ historic Euro 2020 final against Italy tonight, which will be their largest encounter in in six decades.

Millions of England fans will be wearing red, white, and blue in their living rooms and pubs around the country, with 60,000 expected to cheer on Gareth Southgate’s side at Wembley in their first major final since winning the 1966 World Cup.

The Three Lions have been lauded by the Queen, Prince William, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who have all rallied the team.

Millions of fans are urging the team to ‘bring it home’ on Twitter, with some saying they didn’t sleep last night because they were so thrilled.

According to ATM network Link, the British Beer & Pub Association expects that England fans will buy 7.1 million pints on Sunday, while an estimated PS750 million will be withdrawn from cash machines throughout the weekend, up 12% from the same period a year ago.

According to a report by and the Centre for Retail Research (CRR), by the end of the competition, PS815 million will have been spent in pubs and hospitality facilities, with 32.6 million pints served, providing a welcome economic boost.

Several schools have already stated that students would be allowed to start later on Monday if they so desire, and several employers are considering allowing employees to have a festive – or consoling – lie-in after what might be a very late night.

The final, which is projected to draw a record broadcast viewership of 35 million viewers, will begin at 8 p.m. and end by 10 p.m. if played in regular time, but might end closer to 11 p.m. if extra time or a penalty shootout is used.

‘A matchday like no other,’ wrote the official England Twitter account this morning, prompting a swarm of exciting and apprehensive tweets.

‘Massive day ahead, first final for @England in my lifetime,’ one excited supporter remarked.

Enjoy it wherever you’re watching it and whatever your plans are!

I’m proud of the team and what they’ve accomplished thus far, but they can win the championship!

‘This is the day!’ exclaimed another.

The sun is shining, so take advantage of it, embrace it, and take in the atmosphere!!

The butterflies in the stomach, the thrill, the nerves

Go insane!!

Who knows when or if another day like this will arrive!

‘ItsComingHome’ is a hashtag that means “It’s Coming Home.”

‘I’ve been awake since 5 a.m. because of today,’ one tweeted.

I couldn’t get any sleep!

C’mon @England #ItsComingHome #ENG’, and ‘Morning everyone, anyone got any sleep last night or feeling apprehensive ahead of #ITAENG #ItsComingHome Come on #ENG @England’ on Twitter.

Fans in England have been enjoying the build-up to a game that might see the country crowned European champions.

Homes have been decorated with flags in response to a boom in demand for England-themed merchandise, while the Shard in London has been lit up in the national team’s colors.

Residents of Wales Street in Oldham, Greater Manchester, have even renamed their street England Street in honor of the Three Lions, with a new red-and-white sign placed above the old.

Before the match, a message of good luck from David Baddiel, Frank Skinner, and the Lightning Seeds – the band behind the tune Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home) – was projected onto the white cliffs of Dover.

Digital well wishes will be displayed across London’s transportation network, including at Tube stations, the DLR, and the London Overground, as well as bus stops and road traffic alert signs.

Harry Kane, England’s captain, said his team intends to represent the country well in their drive for Euro 2020 triumph.

‘We want to go and bring the trophy home,’ he said at a press conference last night, adding, ‘We know how much it means to the English fans all over the country, so we’re pleased to be representing them and hopefully we can do them proud again.’ The Queen praised the squad’s’spirit, devotion, and pride’ in a good well message ahead of tonight’s final, while her grandson, the Duke of Edinburgh, wished them luck.

‘I can’t believe this is happening,’ Football Association president William said in a video statement to be released later on Sunday.

It’s all really exciting, and I wish you the best of luck.

You bring out the best in England, and we’re all rooting for you.

You have the support of the entire country.

So, bring it home.’ The Prime Minister congratulated Southgate and the players on reaching the final, writing: ‘You have boosted the emotions of the entire country, and tomorrow we know you can lift that trophy too.’

We aren’t merely hoping or praying for anything to happen.

‘We believe in you, Gareth, and your amazing squad.’ While the nation rallies behind England’s football team, it was revealed that: Gareth Southgate would be knighted if England wins, but will earn a CBE regardless of the result; David Baddiel and Frank Skinner have been forbidden by UEFA from singing Three Lions before the opening of the match because it would be ‘unfair’ to Italy; Southgate reveals he used marijuana before the match; South

Hundreds of fans urged the team to ‘bring it home’ on Twitter, with others saying they didn’t sleep last night England’s Harry Kane celebrates after scoring his side’s second goal during the Euro 2020 soccer semifinal match between England and Denmark Gareth Southgate (seen)

On the eve of the final, England fans partied in Leicester Square, as they calmed any pre-match nerves with a drink in the heart of London. The Queen (left) congratulated Gareth Southgate and the England players on reaching the Euro 2020 final, praising their “passion, commitment, and pride,” while Boris Johnson complimented the “band of brothers.”

We are always focusing on the negative aspects of our own country, when we have so much to be proud of and so much talent emerging in all fields.

We have an amazing influence on the globe for a small island like ours, and we need to keep it positive.

We should be proud of some historical achievements.

In our country, we’ve seen incredible inventions.

Many have attempted to invade us, but we have had the bravery to repel them.

It’s impossible to deny that some of the fervor in the stadium against Germany stemmed from that.

I never addressed it to the players, but I’m sure it was a part of the plot.

At my core, I am guided by the principles instilled in me by my parents, which include treating others as you would want to be treated.

Really, it’s all about being respectful.

There are some beneficial aspects in society that we can help improve or influence.

The longer I’ve been in the position, the more I’ve realized how important that connection to the team is for our fans.

They felt a part of it, and we value inclusivity because I believe that is what contemporary England is all about.

We recognize that this hasn’t always been the case, and there are historical reasons for this, but moving forward, that degree of tolerance and inclusiveness is what we must strive for.

The Queen remembered giving the Jules Rimet trophy to Bobby Moore when England defeated West Germany in the World Cup over six decades ago in her written tribute.

‘I was lucky to deliver the World Cup to Bobby Moore fifty-five years ago and saw what it meant to the players, management, and support staff to reach and win the final of a major international football competition,’ she said.

‘I want to express my congratulations, as well as those of my family, on reaching the final of the European Championships, and to give my best wishes for tomorrow, in the hope that history will record not only your triumph, but also the enthusiasm, commitment, and pride with which you have conducted yourselves,’ the squad is said to have spent Friday watching the yet-to-be-released sequel to Top Gun.

Before the screening, they were summoned by the film’s star, Tom Cruise, who wished them success.

‘It’s been lovely to receive the letter from the Queen and the Prime Minister to everyone of the team and the acknowledgement that the players have gone about this in the right way, but we’re in a final and we’re here to win,’ Southgate said last night.

Mr Johnson is poised to announce an extra Bank Holiday on Friday, August 27, if England wins, and Southgate is expected to be knighted.

Experts predict that a win tonight might boost the economy by PS10 billion.

According to retail analysts, England’s triumph in the tournament has already resulted in PS3.4 billion being spent on partying, drinking, souvenir merchandise, and supersized TVs.

Tickets for the game, which has been highly anticipated for more than half a century, were selling for up to PS15,000 last night.

A total of 65,000 people are expected to attend the match at Wembley Stadium, with only 6,000 of them supporting Italy.

Last night, some fans decided to get rid of any pre-match worries by hitting the pubs and bars, and England will be looking to keep the party going late into the night with a famous triumph over Roberto Mancini’s Italy, who defeated Spain in their semi-final at Wembley.

The Metropolitan Police Service has advised supporters not to travel to London unless they have match tickets or a place to watch the game already booked.

‘A large number of officers and specialized units will be deployed around London to prevent crime and unrest and respond to any incidents,’ the force added.

Hundreds of fans lined the roads near the team’s St George’s Park training camp in Staffordshire earlier in the day to wish their England heroes well as they headed to the final.

They stayed at The Grove hotel outside Watford, a few miles from Wembley Stadium, where they waved to more cheering fans.

‘We’ve been breaking down boundaries along the way, but now we have to go out there and win it,’ Kane added.

Fans flocked to pubs to sing many of the now-famous England chants as they made the most of the first men’s final since 1966. Supporters came to celebrate England’s first major final in more than half a century as they embraced the occasion.

Even if England loses Sunday’s final, Gareth Southgate is poised to get more plaudits for his work in uniting the country and restoring pride in the national team, including a CBE.

The 50-year-old was given an OBE in the 2019 New Year Honours for leading his country to the World Cup semi-finals the year before, and Sportsmail has been told that he would be promoted to a CBE regardless of the outcome.

If England beats Italy to win their first major trophy in 55 years, a knighthood is expected.

Following England’s World Cup victory in 1967, Alf Ramsey was knighted, and Southgate would not have to wait long to acquire the same honor.

It’s uncertain whether all of England’s players would be honored in the same way, as the Cabinet Office has shied away from honoring entire teams in recent years.

This comes after the MBEs bestowed to all of the 2005 Ashes winners, including Paul Collingwood, who only appeared in one Test match during the series.

Following England’s World Cup victory in 2019, captain Eoin Morgan was awarded a CBE, Ben Stokes was awarded an OBE, while Joe Root and Jos Buttler were awarded MBEs.

Coach Trevor Bayliss received an OBE as well, although the rest of the players were not.

At the Queen’s Birthday Honours, Harry Kane was awarded an MBE for earning the Golden Boot as the top scorer at the 2018 World Cup, and Marcus Rashford and Raheem Sterling were awarded MBEs for their charity work and support of racial equality.

All three men’s honors could be enhanced, and other prominent players of the England squad could be honored as well.

The Italian club, who are on a 33-game unbeaten streak, were hailed by fans when they flew in from their training base in Florence to Luton Airport yesterday afternoon before boarding a coach to Tottenham Hotspurs’ training camp in Enfield, North London.

They’ll stay at the neighboring PS400-a-night Birch Hotel to prepare for the match.

Harry Kane’s wife Kate, who met her husband while they were both at school and now has three children with the Spurs striker, wrote an emotional message to him, telling him, ‘You’re making us all proud,’ in a heartfelt homage.

‘You know I’m not one to weep often, but when I started writing down how proud you make us all and what you’re doing for the country, I found myself in tears.’

You’re an incredible husband and father, and the kids can’t wait to see you again.

‘Imagine telling them all about this summer when they’re older.’ The crew has been separated from their families for the last four weeks because to Covid-19 limitations.

‘My oldest, she is four and six months old, she is still a little bit little, I don’t think she knows the gravity of tomorrow night,’ Kane remarked when asked about his wife’s letter.

Of course, she wants me to come home first and foremost, but we’ll all be happy if football comes home as well.’ Last night, family of several of the players were enjoying the build-up.

Harry Maguire’s and Luke Shaw’s mums shared photos from Central London, where the two families drank champagne and cocktails.

If the Three Lions win the trophy, they will receive a PS9 million bonus, which they have stated they will contribute to NHS Charity Together.

Last night, Southgate agreed with No 10’s request that the Italian national song not be booed.

‘We know that when we play abroad and the crowd boo our anthem, it inspires them even more,’ England manager Gareth Southgate said.

The call came after Uefa fined the English FA over PS26,000 for fans jeering the Danish anthem before the semi-final, blowing off pyrotechnics, and shining a laser pen at goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel.

Earlier, when he rallied millions of patriotic fans, Southgate implored the nation to “stop looking at the negatives of our own country” because “England has so much to be proud of.”

England’s manager, evoking the bravery of a Second World War generation, said the country should not be ashamed of its past, while praising his team’s role in promoting ‘tolerance and inclusion.’

Southgate agreed that Britain’s past undoubtedly influenced the 40,000 supporters who packed Wembley Stadium to watch England beat Germany last week.

‘People have tried to invade us, and we’ve had the fortitude to repel them,’ he said.

It’s impossible to deny that some of the fervor in the stadium against Germany stemmed from that.

I never addressed it to the players, but I’m sure it was a part of the plot.

‘At my core, I follow my parents’ principles of treating others as you would want to be treated.’

Italy’s Euro 2020 team’s Marco Verratti, Lorenzo Insigne, and Salvatore Sirigu are pictured leaving for London ahead of the match Alessandro Florenzi of Italy greets his teammate Leonardo Spinazzola on the plane during their journey to London Insigne is seen arriving in Luton Airport on July 10

Meanwhile, during an England training session at Saint George’s Park on Saturday, Harry Kane is seen passing the ball. Speaking at a news conference on Saturday evening, Southgate asked fans not to boo the Italian anthem while also dismissing suggestions overseas that ‘It’s Coming Home’ is powered by English arrogance Luke Shaw, one of England’s best players this season

‘The longer I’ve been in the position, the more I’ve realized how important that connection with the club is for our fans.’

They felt like they were a part of it, and inclusion is very important to us because I believe that is what contemporary England is,’ he said.

‘We know it hasn’t always been the case, and there are historical reasons for that, but that degree of tolerance and inclusiveness is what we have to be about moving forward,’ Southgate said at a news conference on Saturday evening, urging fans not to boo the Italian national anthem while also dismissing assertions made elsewhere that ‘It’s Coming Home’ is fueled by English hubris.

‘It’s critical that our fans always respect the opponent, and we know that when we play abroad and fans boo our national anthem, it perhaps stimulates us even more,’ he said.

I don’t believe it is beneficial to the team.

We may scare a team by booing them during a game, but with the anthem, I believe we should be polite.’ Southgate added about the iconic Three Lions song, which was initially published in 1996, when the Euros were last hosted in Wembley, ‘I didn’t want to listen to it for 15 years because it was too emotional for me.’

To comprehend our jokes, you must be fluent in English.

Our sense of humour is distinct, but not pompous.

‘The songs make fun of ourselves and the things that have gone wrong,’ says the songwriter.

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