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Englands Big Advantage Of Playing Italy At Home In Euro 2020 Should Not Be Overlooked

In football, home advantage is a well-known fact at both club and international levels, and it appears to have helped England reach the Euro 2020 final.

Only six of the competition’s 24 teams played all of their group games at home, with all of them progressing to the knockout stages and four of them filling the final four spots: England, Italy, Denmark, and Spain.

In the round of 16, Germany and the Netherlands were eliminated.

The final on Sunday will be England’s third knockout game at Wembley, out of a potential four; the other was a triumph against Ukraine in Rome.

No other team in the tournament has played a single knockout game on home soil, which is amazing given that the tournament has been hosted by 11 different countries.

The final on Sunday will be England’s third knockout game at Wembley Stadium, according to multiple studies. Home advantage is often the result of spectators persuading referees to make unconsciously favorable judgments for the home team.

This will have been amplified in the event of a pandemic.

Several Euro 2020 host countries have also had to travel much shorter distances for their games, with England having flown the shortest distance of all.

The great majority of hosts benefit by playing in a major tournament at home.

When it comes to hosting, hosts tend to fare considerably better than their quality (rating) would imply they should.

England will have an advantage heading into the Euro 2020 final against Italy because no other side in the competition has played a single knockout game on home soil. At the 2018 World Cup, for example, hosts Russia was ranked No. 70 in the world, or lower than any of the other 31 nations playing.

Despite this, they finished fifth in the tournament, missing out on the semi-finals by the tiniest of margins (on penalties) of any of the other losing quarter-finalists.

The hosts’ ranking should have placed them eighth or as a losing quarter-finalist at the 2016 Europeans in France, however they finished second.

Using the same logic, we can estimate that since 1994, 88% of hosts (15 of 17, including co-hosts) at Euros and World Cups have outperformed expectations.

Brazil, who finished fourth while the ranking recommended third in 2014, and Belgium, who essentially finished 12th when their ranking suggested fifth, were the only hosts to defy the trend.

England began Euro 2020 ranked third out of 24 teams, therefore they have outperformed expectations by reaching the final, where they will play their sixth of seven games at Wembley as hosts.

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