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Euro 2020 The Dcms Committee Chair Demands Explanations From Fas Mark Bullingham Aftershocking Wembley Events

The chair of the Technology, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, Julian Knight MP, has written to Mark Bullingham, the FA’s CEO, demanding an explanation for the “shocking” images at Wembley Stadium surrounding Sunday’s Euro 2020 final.

Ticketless supporters gaining admission to the stadium and battling with stewards, police, and fellow fans ruined the match between England and Italy, who were playing in front of a home audience for the first time in 55 years.

UEFA has launched an inquiry into the events surrounding the match, which Italy won on penalties after a 1-1 draw, and MPs are demanding answers as well.

“The sights seen at Wembley Stadium during the Euro 2020 final were appalling,” Knight said in a letter to Bullingham, who blamed the fights on “drunken yobs.”

“The sheer number of people without tickets breaking through the temporary, and maybe insufficient, barriers and aggressively fighting stewards and police to make their way into the game was awful.”

“Reports across social media of unsafe numbers in the stalls and fearful youngsters being harassed by the intruders did not square up with the stadium’s declaration that a small number of people had successfully entered the stadium without a ticket,” said Mark Bullingham, FA chief executive.

“According to the FA,’security and stewarding numbers for the Euro 2020 final exceeded the criteria for the match and were more than any other previous event’ at the venue.”

“Obviously, the numbers were still insufficient,” Knight said, asking a series of questions on the FA’s plans for crowd control ahead of the game, giving Bullingham until Tuesday afternoon to respond.

Knight inquired, “What arrangements were in place for a potential’storming’ of the stadium, given the comparatively limited number of tickets available compared to the great national interest in the event?”

What went wrong, exactly?

What kind of training did stewards receive in preparation for a circumstance like this?

Why weren’t permanent barricades erected to control the expected crowds?

How many persons were admitted to the stadium without a ticket in total?

To deal with the throng, how many a) stewards and b) Metropolitan police officers were stationed outside the stadium?

What steps were taken to remove those without tickets once they were admitted to the stadium, and how effective were they?

What are the consequences for those who assaulted the stewards and/or forced their way inside the stadium?

Harry Maguire, who was one of only two England players to score a penalty in the shootout, told The Sun that his father was left with suspected fractured ribs after getting trapped in a “stampede” instigated by ticketless fans at the game.

“We have to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” the defender added. The FA has also been charged with four UEFA charges following the final.

These involve a spectator invading the field, supporters hurling objects, interruptions during the Italian anthem, and the igniting of pyrotechnics.

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