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Kwasi Kwarteng After July 19 Ill Maintain Wearing A Mask On The Tube

Following Freedom Day, a Cabinet minister has announced that he will “probably” continue to wear his face mask on London’s tube system.

Kwasi Kwarteng, the Commerce Secretary, stated he believed in “individual responsibility,” but that he would continue to wear a mask on the Tube until the mask laws were repealed in England on July 19.

Boris Johnson has stated that after that date, face masks will be a “personal choice,” yet several businesses have stated that they will continue to require people to wear them.

Some airlines have stated that masks will remain mandatory, and the World Health Organization continues to recommend that masks be made mandatory on public transportation, in stores, and in crowded locations.

“I’ve always indicated that I believe in individual responsibility,” Mr Kwarteng told Sky News.

Businesses, I believe, have their own discretion and judgment.

“I utilize the Tube a lot in London, and I’d probably use them – wear a mask – in that setting in public transportation on the Tube.”

That is a personal opinion.

“Well, I mean, actually before Covid It was quite interesting that businesses always had the authority to prescribe certain health or…theyve always had that.” Asked if he was comfortable for businesses, airlines, and hospitality to continue to enforce face mask wear on their premises, he replied: “I mean, before Covid It was really interesting that businesses always had the ability to prescribe certain health or…theyve always had that.”

And I believe individuals have forgotten, if we go back to that circumstance, that businesses did have some discretion in terms of what people could wear…” Meanwhile, Sir Paul Nurse, head of the Francis Crick Institute, said it made no sense not to insist on masks being worn in crowded environments.

“We require sound, well-thought-out plans.”

Of course, we must make the most of the summer, but that does not imply we must throw open the door wide.” Sir Paul also believes that coronavirus testing should continue, and that a focus on maintaining a safe work environment should be prioritized.

“Letting the virus spread in these conditions favors the emergence of a new variation in the UK.”

“We may build a vaccine-resistant variety,” the Unite union has claimed, adding that removing masks from public transportation would be “gross neglect.”

Professor Laurence Lovat, an epidemiologist and clinical director at UCL’s WEISS Centre, questioned why masks were made optional.

“I do question if it’s a good thing to be doing,” he told Sky News. “There’s no doubt that face masks have a huge impact on the transmission of droplets – these little particles that float around in the air.”

“And face masks are a fairly simple approach to protect people from transferring sickness to others,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson told a Downing Street press conference when asked where and when he would keep wearing one.

Clearly, there is a significant contrast between riding a busy Tube train and sitting in a nearly empty compartment on a main railway route late at night.

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