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Mike Tindall Recalls The Time He Broke Up A Brawl At Wembley Stadium

Mike Tindall has detailed how he broke up a brawl between two supporters at Wembley Stadium during the Euro 2020 final, which left both men covered in blood, as he lambasted the ‘ridiculous’ and ‘unsavoury’ events.

The 42-year-old former England rugby player and his wife Zara Tindall attended the match on Sunday, but said he ‘wouldn’t have relished’ being there with their daughters Mia Grace, seven, Lena, three, and two-month-old Lucas.

Mr Tindall described the scenes outside the stadium before England’s match against Italy as a “disgrace,” saying that ticketless fans attacked stewards and police as they attempted to storm the stadium, with 30 police officers hurt and 53 people arrested.

Uefa has launched an investigation into the violence, which could result in massive fines for the Football Association, as well as four other allegations involving the booing of the Italian national anthem, a pitch invasion, missiles, and pyrotechnics.

‘A man was there the whole time, smashed out of his face, literally didn’t watch any of the game anyway, he was just too busy shouting at supporters that they should be standing on their feet, ends up getting into a brawl with another one that’s straight behind my seat,’ Mr Tindall said today on The Good, The Bad, and The Rugby podcast.

‘It got to the point where this man was attempting to pile this guy in the face, and there was a youngster next to us, and there was a kid on the other side sobbing because he couldn’t see the game because of all the guys standing in the galley way,’ says the narrator.

Hundreds of ticketless yobs raced into Wembley Stadium for Sunday’s final against Italy, resulting in unsettling scenes. Mike Tindall and Zara Tindall, pictured at Wimbledon on July 7, attended the Euro 2020 final at Wembley Stadium on Sunday. Mr Tindall tweeted about the game on Sunday night and posted three images, adding he was’very proud’ of the players.

What exactly are you up to?

‘And, you know, he strolled off with blood on his clothes.’

He described Wembley Way as a ‘disgrace,’ adding, ‘The quantity of just s***, litter, people who just didn’t seem to care about anything.’

It’s a small minority, but it’s the minority that you remember.’ England player Harry Maguire’s father was left with suspected fractured ribs and fighting to breathe after being caught in a stampede of supporters during the Wembley final.

Alan Maguire, a 56-year-old accountant, was crushed to the ground as a throng stormed through a disabled entrance and trampled on unwitting spectators.

‘That was not a great experience — it rattled him up,’ Maguire, 28, told The Sun. ‘The Football Association is facing enormous fines following the nasty scenes during Sunday’s final.’

Mr Tindall said that trying to go into Wembley before kick-off at 8pm ‘takes forever’ because some supporters had snapped images of tickets on their phones and were trying to get through with these.

‘Some individuals with legitimate tickets couldn’t get through because their friend had taken a photo of it and used it to get through, and you can only get through once, so persons were attempting to get double people through the turnstiles,’ he continued.

‘The stewards are unable to intervene; it’s just something I’ve never seen before.’

‘I was just like you know these kids, what are they learning about going to a live football game?’ ‘I was just like you know these kids, what are they learning about going to a live football game?’ ‘Stewards were ordering them to sit down, they didn’t give a s*** because the stewards couldn’t do anything to them.’

I was attempting to balance it, but there was none; it was simply…

Then you go out and check how many smashed bottles there are on the way out, and you can feel people getting nervous as they go out.

‘We all knew that if England won, it would be the happiest night of our lives; if they lost, it would be like closing your businesses for the night.’

Why do we have to think like that?

‘The problem is, for the first time ever, you look at a real gathering around the squad, Gareth Southgate, and everything they’ve done over their journey to the Euros and the build-up to the Euros, and you’ve got the media actually spewing about it.’ He added: ‘The problem is, for the first time ever, you look at a real gathering around the team, Gareth Southgate, and everything they’ve done over their journey to the Euros and the

‘And you feel like you’re on this trip, and then you just walk where a small proportion of people have just kicked down the barriers and are being completely direct because they want to be in there – I know everyone wants to be in there, but that’s why you put on fan zones and celebrate it in that way.’

‘But I believe it undercuts what that England squad has done, and that’s the biggest sadness for me, because I think they’ve really energised the country after a really tough period, and in one night it feels like it’s somewhat broken.’

Mark Bullingham, the company’s chief executive, said a comprehensive investigation will be conducted inside what had occurred, blaming ‘drunken yobs’ of trying to push their way into the stadium without tickets.

The FA has previously been fined PS26,500 for three instances during England’s semi-final win over Denmark, including a laser pointer being shone in the face of goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel.

It comes after a British Transport Police officer was hospitalized by a thug dressed in an England jersey while assisting a tube rider shortly after the final.

When his attackers pummeled him around the head, leaving him with a shattered face, the cop was helping a man who had fallen down an escalator get to his feet.

Hundreds of England fans cheer on their team outside Wembley Stadium as barricades are breached, allowing some fans without tickets to dash inside the stadium. Football fans storm over the security barriers at Wembley Stadium just moments before England’s nail-biting match against Italy.

The official attendance in the 90,000-seat stadium on Sunday was around 67,000, with many seats designed to be left vacant to distance supporters according to Covid rules.

Videos on social media, however, showed groups of ticketless fans breaking through one of the stadium’s gates and running into the ground after pushing their way past barriers, stewards, and police officials.

Scotland Yard claimed 19 of its officers were hurt while fighting to keep order among the intoxicated supporters who were trying to breach into the stadium.

Ken Marsh, leader of the Metropolitan Police Federation, stated police had broken noses, fingers, and ribs, and that up to 40 cops were likely injured in the turmoil.

A general view inside Wembley Stadium on Sunday night as England players thank the supporters following the match One of the four Uefa accusations against England relates to the invasion of the field by a spectator during the game One of the four Uefa charges against England relates to the invasion of the pitch by a spectator during the game One of the four Uefa charges against England relates to the invasion of the pitch by a spectator during the game One of the four Uefa charges against England relates

‘It’s impossible to say how many individuals breached the gates and gained access to the stadium without a ticket, but I’d guess a couple of thousand – all without terror checks or Covid testing,’ Mr Marsh said.

‘My coworkers did what they had to do and what they always do: they went towards the danger and got beaten up.’

‘It is reprehensible that there is a thuggish element in our society that believes such behavior is appropriate.’

‘The Mets’ official figure of injured players is 19, but that just includes those who have filled out injury paperwork; the true number is likely to be closer to 40.

UEFA has begun disciplinary action against the FA for the behavior of England fans at Wembley on Sunday. Thousands of fans came to Wembley Stadium on Sunday night to be part of one of the biggest nights in English football history. Police officers create a line in front of the Wembley Stadium on Sunday night as thousands of fans descend upon the scene An FA source said it had launched disciplinary action against the FA for the conduct of England fans at Wembley on Sunday.

‘In fact, we provided more security than was recommended for the event,’ they claimed.

‘We had the most stewards for an event at the stadium ever, significantly more than for a boxing match or an Adele concert,’ said one steward.

‘In accordance with Article 31(4) DR, a UEFA ethics and disciplinary inspector has been assigned to conduct a disciplinary inquiry into actions involving supporters that occurred inside and around the stadium,’ Uefa said in a statement. ‘The case will be handled with in due time by the governing body’s Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Committee.’

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