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Politicians Who Try To Get Votes By Talking About Football Are Jokingly Chastised By Gary Lineker

Politicians who get votes by talking about football yet don’t want players involved in politics have been publicly chastised by Gary Lineker.

Andrew Rosindell, a Conservative MP for Romford, turned to Twitter to criticize England midfielder Tyrone Mings, who accused Priti Patel of’stoking the fire’ of racism by labeling the team’s kneeling as ‘gesture politics.’

‘We are all proud of our England squad, who have had the support of the entire country in recent weeks, but please focus on sport, not politics,’ Rosindell added.

If England wins, it is a win for everyone!

‘So politicians can talk about football (especially when they believe they might get a vote or two), but footballers should talk about politics,’ said ex-footballer Gary Lineker sarcastically.

Gary Lineker has openly chastised MPs who earn votes by talking about sport but don’t want players involved in politics. Tory MP for Romford Andrew Rosindell has told athletes to ‘concentrate on football, not politics.’

‘With the exception of those pesky players who should know their place,’ Rosindell was responding to Mings’ tweet, in which he chastised Priti Patel.

Initially, the Home Secretary took to social media to condemn racist abuse directed at black England football players.

‘I am outraged that @England players have been subjected to disgusting racial abuse on social media this summer after giving so much for our nation,’ she wrote.

When asked if she backed stars taking the knee before the tournament, the Home Secretary said she ‘did not support’ individuals who engaged in ‘that type of gesture politics.’ Tonight, England star Tyrone Mings (seen taking the knee during a friendly against Romania in June) launched an astounding tirade at Priti Patel, accusing her of’stoking the fire’ of racism by labellingli

After missing penalties in yesterday night’s heartbreaking Euro 2020 final loss to Italy, the trio received a flood of hateful comments from racial online trolls.

Ms Patel today condemned the abuse of England’s celebrities as ‘disgusting,’ joining a nationwide condemnation of those responsible for the insults.

‘You don’t get to stoke the flames at the start of the tournament by labeling our anti-racism message “Gesture Politics” and then pretend to be disgusted when the same thing we’re campaigning against happens,’ Marcus Rashford remarked in response to the Tweet.

She also stated that whether or not fans booed the gesture during England’s Euro 2020 campaign was up to the fans.

In the aftermath of his Euro 2020 penalty heartbreak, Mings’ teammate Rashford revealed he was “near to tears” after well-wishers covered graffiti painted on his Manchester mural with kind letters.

‘We don’t want you,’ England captain Harry Kane said in response to the disgusting racial abuse of England players in the aftermath of Friday night’s tragic Euro 2020 final defeat.

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