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After A Record Breaking Covid Enforced Closure The Eiffel Tower Will Reopen

The iconic Eiffel Tower will reopen to the public on Friday, after the country’s longest closure since World War II, as France announced additional anti-Covid measures.

To implement social distance laws, the Paris landmark opened with restrictions, with daily visitor numbers limited to 13,000 (about half of its regular capacity).

According to its website, it draws 7 million visits each year.

After nearly nine months of idleness, the elevators that transport visitors up the 1,063-foot tall wrought-iron tower will reopen.

This was the tower’s second closure due to Covid-19.

After being closed for 104 days in 2020, Eiffel has lost millions of dollars as a tourist attraction.

Another 9-month stoppage between 2020 and 2021 eclipsed the previous record.

After the lockdown began in March, the administration said it had lost 27 million euros ($30 million) till June of last year.

According to AFP, operational losses for 2020-2021 are now estimated to be 120 million euros ($146 million).

J-Francois Martins, president of La Tour Eiffel, or the Eiffel Tower, tweeted, “We are ready to greet you.”

Visitors aged 18 and up will be required to present an EU Covid certificate or a negative test report under the new guidelines, according to the Eiffel Tower’s website.

Visitors will also be required to wear a mask and maintain a physical distance from the exhibit.

Visitors will be able to reserve tickets in advance for the entire summer season on the Eiffel website.

On Monday, President Emmanuel Macron’s cabinet proposed fresh anti-Covid measures, with the goal of preventing a fourth rise.

Vaccinated people’s restrictions were loosened under the new guidelines, causing outrage among some.

Individuals with a health card will have access to café patios, restaurants, cinemas, and theaters.

Even though more information is still being released, the announcement prompted a rush of online reservations.

Nonetheless, several people who were dissatisfied with the verdict staged a protest in Paris on Wednesday, clashing with police who used tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Thus far, about half of France’s population (35.5 million people) has received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccination.

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