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The Window Cleaner Who Made A Racist Remark About Black England Sportsmen Says He Is Being Harassed

A window cleaner who made a racist remark against black England sportsmen on social media claims he is receiving a barrage of abuse, saying, “No one deserves this.”

Shaun Drewery, the proprietor of North Ferriby Cleaning Services, made the horrible remark when a colleague shared a photo of England’s Under 17s football team on Facebook beside a photo of their senior 1966 World Cup-winning counterparts.

The article was rapidly taken up and spread across the site, even on a page dedicated to Black Lives Matter.

Mr Drewery made the remarks weeks before England’s Euro 2016 final loss to Italy on Sunday, according to Hull Live, but they resurfaced as Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford, and Jadon Sancho suffered a barrage of racist abuse for missing penalties.

Mr Drewery, who resides in North Ferriby, Yorkshire, claimed his phone was stolen at first, but then admitted to posting the messages.

Mr Drewery appears to be referring to the young England players as ‘c****s’ in screenshots uploaded on Facebook.

He has claimed that the epithet was just ‘banter’ and ‘flippant,’ and that he is being harassed by shocked residents.

As one Facebook page dedicated to local trades invited its fans to submit their thoughts about him, the window cleaner’s company page has been inundated with negative feedback.

‘I posted one throwaway phrase on a post that wasn’t mine, which has been blown out of proportion,’ Mr Drewery added.

This initial post was created by a buddy, and my friend and I both commented on it four weeks ago.

‘Sure, it was ridiculous tongue-in-cheek banter, but it wasn’t on my or my friend’s wall,’ she said.

I’ve received numerous death threats.

Window cleaner Shaun Drewery, who made a racist remark about black England sportsmen on social media, has claimed that he is experiencing a wave of abuse and has complained: ‘No one deserves this.’ Mr Drewery, proprietor of North Ferriby Cleaning Services, made the nasty remark after an acquaintance made a racist remark about black England footballers.

Mr Drewery appears to be referring to the young England players as ‘c****s’ in screenshots uploaded on Facebook. He claims he has had to install CCTV, dash cams, and body cams to protect himself.

The remarks have resurfaced amid a public outcry during the awful abuse sent towards Saka, Rashford, and Sancho following Sunday’s heartbreaking final at Wembley Stadium. Prime Minister Boris Johnson remarked of the racist tweets directed at several England football players: ‘To those who have been throwing racist abuse at some of the players, I say shame on you and I hope you will crawl back under the stone

Mr Drewery claims he was given a verbal warning by Humberside Police and that “nobody deserves this type of punishment over one throwaway comment.” He also claims he is on medicine and has been suffering from health problems.

Numerous Facebook users demanded that he be banned for the rest of his life, with one user writing: ‘Wants banishment off social media for the rest of his life!!!’

What a society we live in.’ The original tweet was reposted by various social media accounts, including Make Racists Scared Again, a Hull-based organisation that pushed its members to boycott his shop.

After receiving a Facebook violation warning, a community page in Swanland and Ferriby issued a statement requesting members to refrain from uploading screenshots of his comments.

‘There is a member of our community who has made racist statements on his Facebook page,’ they said.

This group does not include him.

We will not tolerate racist comments, even if they are shared to demonstrate their disapproval of the behavior.

Bukayo Saka, 19, of England, applauds fans after the Euro 2020 final against Italy at Wembley Stadium on Sunday night. Bukayo Saka, 19, is inconsolable after missing his penalty kick and gifting the Italians victory. ‘My suggestion to everyone is to report the pages of individuals writing this garbage,’ he says.

After five people were detained in the aftermath of Sunday’s final, Twitter and Facebook have been ‘working very closely’ with investigative police officers, who say they are looking into scores of people’s racist messages.

According to the New York Times, if authorities request information, the tech giants will reveal the names, emails, and IP addresses of individuals who are suspected of sending discriminatory remarks.

Following the Three Lions’ penalty shootout loss to Italy, the UK Football Police Unit issued an update on its investigation into abusive posts directed against Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho, and Bukayo Saka.

Plasterer Brad Pretty, 49, from Folkestone, Kent; estate agent Andrew Bone, 37, from Sale, Cheshire; and children’s football coach Nick Scott, 50, from Powick, Worcestershire, have all been officially recognized.

A fourth suspect, a 37-year-old male from Greater Manchester’s Ashton-upon-Mersey, was arrested yesterday, according to officials, before a fifth, a 42-year-old guy from Runcorn, was seized by Cheshire police.

In the 24 hours leading up to and following the match, Twitter stated it had removed over 1,000 postings and suspended a number of accounts for breaking its rules.

Facebook and Instagram both stated they immediately removed hateful remarks off their platforms.

According to Crisp, an analytics firm that works with top-flight football clubs, England players received 12,500 hate comments on social media during Euro 2020, including emojis of bananas and monkeys.

The abuse was directed towards players via Twitter and Instagram, and included racial, ethnic, religious, and sexual orientation insults, as well as intense personal abuse and threats of damage, including to family members.

During the competition, the number of abusive accounts amounted to 3% of all users posting to the participants’ accounts.

According to the New York Times, Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, said that bugs in the company’s detection algorithms had allowed abusive posts to get through, but that they had now been resolved.

‘Sending racist emojis, or any type of hate speech, on Instagram is absolutely not OK,’ he said.

‘After England’s defeat against Italy on Sunday, a torrent of racist comments targeting at some of the team’s black players erupted on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter,’ according to a UKFPU statement.

‘The UKFPU is conducting a hate crime investigation, with a dedicated team of investigators sifting through a significant number of reports from around the country.’

‘Thus far, scores of data requests have been sent to social media companies, and four people have been arrested by local authorities.’

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