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Usain Bolt Has Spoken Out Against Racial Comments Directed Towards England Athletes Calling It Awful And Unfair

Following England’s Euro 2020 defeat to Italy, Usain Bolt has lashed out towards the ‘awful’ racial comments aimed at Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford, and Jadon Sancho, stating that he would not have had the kids take the deciding spot kicks.

After missing their penalties at Wembley last Sunday, the Three Lions trio received nasty racist insults, which have been strongly denounced by the football world and beyond.

Now Olympic champion Bolt, a football fanatic, has come to their defense, calling the insults in the aftermath of the Euro 2020 final “awful” and “unfair.”

‘First and foremost, that’s terrible to know – seeing these things is quite difficult for me,’ he said.

‘Being an African and a Black person, I can tell it must be tough for them, and you can’t blame these guys, they don’t make the decision of who takes the penalties,’ Usain Bolt said. There have been doubts made as to why Saka, 19, Rashford, 23, and Sancho, 21, were chosen to take the penalties.

‘I noticed they came on at the last possible moment.’

I would not have thrown someone on at it moment and given a hard kick to a 19-year-old as a coach because that is a lot of pressure.

‘It’s football; you win some, you lose some, and losing is difficult.’

‘We are all going to be unhappy when you miss a penalty, but when it comes to race, it’s going to be a issue.’ Bolt added: ‘We are all going to be outraged when you miss a penalty, but when it comes to race, it’s going to be a problem.’

Marcus Rashford (R), Jadon Sancho (2R), and Bukayo Saka (2L) have been subjected to horrific racist abuse in the aftermath of the trio’s missed penalties in the Euro 2020 final on Sunday. Rashford’s mural in Manchester was vandalized, prompting protesters to leave supportive notes on Monday. ‘That (race abuse) was really unjust, and I can’t believe this is where football is headed, I’ve loved football through my entire life

‘You can be annoyed at a person for missing because we are all human, but if you’re going to bring race into it, then it has no place in football or in life in general.’ Following the heartbreaking defeat to Roberto Mancini’s side, all three boys were exposed to vile racial comments.

Rashford’s mural in Manchester was vandalized on Sunday night, and supporters spent Monday covering the graffiti with supportive comments before kneeling in front of it to demonstrate unity with the Manchester United player.

Bolt questioned if manager Gareth Southgate made the correct decision in substituting Rashford and Sancho on late Rashford shared photographs from the vigil with a love heart emoji, writing: ‘Overwhelmed.’

‘I can accept criticism of my performance all day long, my penalty wasn’t good enough, it should have gone in,’ he claimed in another online remark.

‘But I will never apologize for who I am and where I come from,’ Sancho, who is set to join Rashford at Old Trafford in a PS73 million transfer from Borussia Dortmund, said on Twitter.

‘I’m not going to pretend that I didn’t see the racial abuse that my brothers Marcus and Bukayo suffered after the game, but sadly it’s nothing new,’ the 21-year-old wrote.

‘As a community, we need to do better, and hold these people accountable,’ said the Olympic champion, adding that he would not have given Saka, 19, a ‘tough kick.’

Hate will never win.’ Saka took to social media on Thursday for the first time since the game, saying: ‘I knew instantly the type of hate I was likely to face, it is a terrible truth.’

‘We will win if the majority of people come together to call out the people sending these messages, by taking action and reporting these comments to the authorities, and by driving out the hate by being good to one another.’

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