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The Acquisition Of Eder Militao From Porto To Real Madrid Has Sparked Controversy Regarding Agency Payments

The EUR9 million (PS7.7 million) paid to two agents as part of the EUR50 million transfer of Brazil defender Eder Militao from Porto to Real Madrid in 2019 is being investigated by Portuguese authorities.
As part of “Operation Red Card,” the Departamento Central de Investigacao e Accao Penal (DCIAP) is looking into the agreement.
The investigation led to the arrest of Benfica president Luis Filipe Vieira, as well as his son and well-known agent Bruno Macedo, earlier this week.
Vieira and Macedo are accused of conducting a tax fraud and money-laundering conspiracy since 2014, with part of the claims relating to players transferred to Benfica. Vieira resigned from his role on Thursday and remains under house arrest after denying the charges.
Nevertheless, according to a story published this week in the Portuguese newspaper Publico, the investigation is looking at the commissions paid by Porto to Macedo and his partner, Giuliano Bertolucci, on the Militao transfer when the Brazil defender joined Real Madrid in June 2019.
Militao was sold for EUR50 million, and Porto claims to have made EUR28.4 million from his departure in their yearly report.
The remaining EUR21.6 million was received by three persons, two of whom were listed as Macedo and Bertolucci, according to the records.
A fee of EUR3.5 million was given to Macedos’ company, BM Consulting, and Bertolucci, the agent for former Arsenal defender David Luiz, is mentioned in the paper, but there is no indication of how much.
Meanwhile, there has been discussion about who owns the rights to Militao, with Sao Paulo’s accounts indicating that they were sold twice when he moved to Porto in 2018: once to the Portuguese side for EUR7 million and then to the German debt-financing firm Score Capital AG for approximately EUR18 million.
The German company, based in Munich, promotes itself on its website as “the pan-European authority for the working capital support of major football clubs,” having previously supplied loans to Atletico Madrid and others.
Score Capital’s interest in such a purchase is unclear: the possessor of a footballer’s federative rights has the ability to register the player to represent them in competition, which would appear to be of little benefit to Score Capital, a small financial firm.
Following recurring controversy over third-party ownership, Fifa barred companies from controlling the economic rights of players in 2015.
The financial records of Sao Paulo make it clear that Score Capital purchased federative rights rather than economic rights.
Score Capital, on the other hand, told the Guardian via email that they “do not own any federative rights on the player Militao.”
When asked if the fact that São Paulo’s accounts show they did was an oversight, they answered, “This is a question you need to ask Sao Paulo?” Sao Paulo and Porto have yet to react to the Guardian’s repeated requests for comment, however a statement from the Portuguese club on Thursday evening said they “weren’t ever questioned, heard, or questioned in any form of inquiry or judicial diligence” over the e-mails.
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In its 2018-19 annual report, Sao Paulo lists paying around EUR1.3 million to a company owned by Bertolucci in a section titled “Participation of Third Parties in Economic Rights.”
A year later, the agent would be paid another EUR2 million by the same corporation.
Militao was the subject of both payments.
Bertolucci and Macedo have a long history of working with Brazilian and Portuguese clubs.
Bertolucci has provided personal funding to a number of Brazilian clubs, including Santos and Corinthians in 2017.
Macedo is the son of Vespasiano Macedo, a long-serving attorney under Braga President Antonio Salvador.
Bruno, Vespasiano, and Salvador, as well as super-agent Jorge Mendes, are all stockholders in the Brazilian corporation Vespasiano – Investimentos Imobiliarios LTDA.
In the 2018-19 season, Porto owes Bruno Macedos two companies, Yes Sports LDA and BM Consulting, almost EUR4.5 million in fees.

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