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A Telephone Box A Dozen Horses And 40000 Tea Bags Team Gbs Items Were Shipped To Tokyo

A dozen horses, 13,000 rounds of ammunition, 132 sofas, 40,000 tea bags, and a red telephone box are just a few of the items transported to Japan by the British Olympic Association for the postponed Tokyo Olympics this summer.
Even under the best of circumstances, getting Team GB to and from any Olympics is a logistical nightmare.
The challenge has been huge in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the largest team travelling abroad since Barcelona in 1992.
‘When you think that we are effectively competing in over 30 concurrent world championships, it is no exaggeration to say it is the single largest logistical endeavor in British sport,’ says Mark England, the BOA’s Chef de Mission this summer.
375 Team GB athletes will fly to Japan this summer for the Olympic Games, the largest team to travel since Barcelona 1992. ‘Our team at the BOA [HQ] is rather tiny, with only 50 or so personnel, and delivering the Games in normal conditions is a massive undertaking.’
When you consider how many times we had to reschedule the Games due to Covid, you can see how much of an effort it took to get the squad to Tokyo.
If there are no last-minute glitches, 375 Team GB competitors will compete in Tokyo, the most at any Games on foreign soil since 389 athletes competed in Spain 29 years ago.
They’ll be accompanied by about 500 coaches and other support personnel.
Rather than flying out together on a few flights and returning together when the Games are over, participants from various sports will travel in waves of dozens of flights over the course of 28 days outbound and the same homebound.
‘This is our biggest team since Barcelona 1992, and we will be departing throughout July to take part in what will be an immensely special and emotional Games for everyone involved,’ says England. ‘This is our biggest team since Barcelona 1992, and we will be departing throughout July to take part in what will be an incredibly special and emotional Games for everyone involved,’ says England.
Every member of the Team GB delegation will have attended one of 21 ‘kitting out days’ at the NEC in Birmingham before to departure, when they will receive 100,000 Adidas teamwear items.
This equates to an average of 114 pieces of equipment per person throughout the entire delegation.
That, however, is only a minor element of a logistical operation that has been in the works for years, then reworked and redesigned for the COVID era.
The adjacent panel shows a sample of what was shipped to Japan.
‘First and foremost, the majority of our freight is focused on creating the ideal performance environment for the athletes,’ adds England.
‘We take a lot of vital medical supplies and performance equipment out, which will be used at our preparation camp and a facility we call our Performance Lodge, both of which are essentially high-performance training centers,’ says the athlete.
‘This time, one of the biggest distinctions is the amount of Covid mitigation supplies, which includes face masks, PPE, sanitizer, and some specialized equipment like self-sanitizing button covers for lifts,’ says the spokesperson.
‘I don’t think people realize it, but when we go to the Olympic Village, we effectively inherit a quite functional and bare new construction residential tower,’ says one athlete.
We have to furnish it and turn it into a home away from home before the athletes come, so we provide everything from Union Flag doormats to kettles, coffee beans, tea bags, clocks, spare tooth brushes, bins, and anything else you can think of.
‘I believe Tom Daley’s fondness for Union Flag decor stems from the amount of time he’s spent in the Olympic Village over the years!
‘The freight arrived in March on a container ship and was warehoused before being delivered to our locations in the coming weeks.’
Crucially, we work extremely hard to ensure that all of our carbon emissions are offset, and this is only one component of our ongoing sustainability approach as an organization, with the goal of becoming carbon positive in future Games years.

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