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Handball Players Are Required To Wear Bikini Bottoms Rather Than Boy Shorts

The Norwegian women’s beach handball team’s rebellion against what they claim is uncomfortable and demeaning gear has been put to an end, in what one Norwegian pundit dubbed a “panties crisis.”
The game clothing has arrived in the spotlight at the European Championships in beach handball, with precise requirements for how the women should dress, according to the sports laws.
CLICK HERE FOR MORE FOXNEWS.COM SPORTS COVERAGE “Women should wear a bikini with a tight-fitting sports bra with deep arm holes,” the international regulations specify.
“On the sides, the bottom must not be more than ten centimeters.” The Norwegian women’s handball team did not go to the finals, but before Denmark and Germany did, the Norwegian ladies had something to say.
According to Indian Sports 11, the Norwegian Beach Handball Association has long advocated for the abolition of the international regulation requiring tight-fitting sports bras and bikini bottoms.
They planned to protest the laws and play in thigh-length tights before the European Championships in Bulgaria.
WITH ALLEGATIONS OF RACISM, GERMANY CUT SHORT OLYMPIC WARMUP The Norwegian ladies were willing to pay the penalty that the infringement would entail.
Things became increasingly tricky as the first match versus Hungary neared.
“At first, we were told there would be a fine of 50 euros every person per match, which would have cost us almost 4,850 euros.”
“We accepted it,” Katinka Haltvik, a player, told the Norwegian national television NRK.
“But, we were advised immediately before the match that if we played like that, we would be disqualified.”
Consequently we had no choice but to wear bikini bottoms,” the European Handball Federation EHF acknowledged, adding that they had only clarified the list of punishments for the Norwegian Federation and that disqualification was never an option.
GET THE FOX NEWS APP HERE “We’ve lost players as a result of the lawsuit.”
The participants tell me that they are uneasy, that they feel naked, and that they are being observed.
“It’s a sport with a lot of mobility, and the bikini hinders you,” Valerie Nicolas, the manager of the French national team, remarked, praising Norway.
“There’s also the inconvenience of menstruation, not to mention religion.”

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