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Will France Be Placed On A No Fly List Families Are Concerned That Vacations Will Be Canceled At The Last Minute

Officials are considering adding France to the’red list’ of countries, which would cause turmoil and misery for the estimated 500,000 Britons who would be vacationing in the country this weekend.
The initiative is being pushed by powerful No 10 advisers, lead by Jonathan Van-Tam, England’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer, who are concerned that the South African, or Beta, form that is spreading in the country could develop to avoid vaccines.
Returning passengers would hypothetically be forced to pay PS1,750 for ten days of quarantine in a hotel upon their return.
Thousands of bereaved families were forced to cancel their vacation plans yesterday when Ministers announced that double-jabbed Britons will still be quarantined upon their return from France following tomorrow’s ‘Freedom Day.’
The news that France would be excluded from proposals to reduce quarantine measures for countries on the amber travel list sparked outrage late Friday.
Officials are considering adding France to the’red list’ of countries, which would cause turmoil and misery for the estimated 500,000 Britons who would be vacationing in the country this weekend.
Above: British holidaymakers in Mallorca attempting to return home before the quarantine deadline of 4 p.m. Monday. Nevertheless, prominent scientific and medical advisers have told The Mail on Sunday that Ministers should go even further and declare France a red zone.
The idea was initially floated at a top-level meeting at No. 10 on Tuesday, and it was still under consideration yesterday night.
Ministers were told that the South African strain is fast spreading in France, accounting for one out of every ten new illnesses.
Several scientists have also expressed concern that the AstraZeneca vaccine is less efficient than other strains of the virus in defending against the South African form.
Thousands of anti-vaccine protestors descended on Paris Wednesday, despite the threat of the virus.
In the UK, only 1,073 Beta cases have been verified so far, compared to 216,249 cases of the Indian – or Delta – type that emerged earlier this year.
‘If the Beta strain continues to spread, [France] will have to go red,’ a government source said yesterday night.
The initiative is being pushed by powerful No 10 advisers, lead by Jonathan Van-Tam, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England, who are concerned that the South African, or Beta, form that is spreading in the country could mutate to resist immunizations.
Thousands of anti-vaccine demonstrators descended on Paris yesterday, despite the threat of the South African variety. Yesterday, Professor John Edmunds of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, a member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), told the BBC: ‘There is some good evidence from South Africa that it [the Beta form] can avoid the immune response generat
She told Radio 4’s Today programme that the Beta variety is ‘not prevalent at all’ in mainland France, with cases mostly identified in overseas territories such as the Indian Ocean island of Reunion, according to scientists.
Furthermore, according to the European Institute for Disease Control, the variation is more common in Spain and Greece.
Adding France on the “red list” would practically sabotage millions of Britons’ summer vacation plans and wreak even more havoc on the country’s ailing tour companies.
A quarantine hotel room costs PS1,750 for one adult, plus PS650 for each additional adult or child over the age of 12.
PS325 is the price for children aged five to eleven.
There would also be a shortage of lodging, as just roughly 20,000 hotel rooms are believed to be available.
With almost nine million tourists in 2019, France is the UK’s second most popular holiday destination.
It is also the most popular destination for second homes from the United Kingdom.
If France is added to the red list, there will be practical and diplomatic issues.
The United Kingdom relies on France for food and medical supplies, and the sheer number of entry points by air, land, and sea would pose difficulties.
‘We’re enraged that we’ve been forced to return early.’
We’ve been looking forward to this holiday for a long time’ By Andrew Chamberlain and Peter Henn Holidaymakers expressed their dissatisfaction yesterday night as they returned to the UK after being forced to cut short their trips to the Balearic Islands due to new quarantine laws.
At 4 a.m. tomorrow, Ibiza, Majorca, Menorca, and Formentera will be moved from green to amber status, requiring anyone who have not been double-vaccinated to self-isolate for up to ten days.
Ella Sharples, a web designer, and her boyfriend Ryan Grogan had to cut their two-week vacation in Ibiza short.
‘I’m furious because we have waited so long for this holiday and we have had to come back four days early,’ Ms Sharples, 23, from Newcastle, said as she arrived at Manchester Airport yesterday.
I hadn’t been double-jabbed, and work had told me I wouldn’t be able to isolate, so we didn’t have a choice.
‘Changing the airfares cost about PS300.’
We didn’t book until Ibiza was on the green list, and now it’s on the amber list again.
The worst part is the uncertainty.’ Another traveler arriving at Stansted Airport said he had planned to spend three months in Ibiza, but that his plans had been cut short due to the island’s inclusion on the amber list.
‘We were planning to stay for 90 days, but they imposed more limits, so we decided to return home,’ he said.
The Balearic Islands, which attract 3.8 million British visitors each year, were just placed on the green list three weeks ago, but were demoted again on Wednesday when the number of instances doubled.
Despite the increased limits, many people appeared to have elected to remain on the islands and face self-isolation when they returned.
Linda Holgate, 62, of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, said yesterday: ‘It’s a real shame for the hospitality trade over there because they are taking every conceivable measure to ensure we were as safe as possible.’ Advertisement Travel expert Gemma Antrobus, of the Association of Independent Tour Operators, said: ‘The ability to put in hotel quarantines at those points is a real shame for the hospitality trade over there because they are taking every possible step to ensure we were as safe as possible.
There were 244,691 Covid-19 cases in the UK in the seven days leading up to July 14, compared to 27,713 in France.
The French government declared yesterday that persons traveling from the United Kingdom who have not been double-vaccinated will be required to demonstrate a negative Covid-19 test taken within the previous 24 hours.
Previously, UK visitors may prove a negative test done within the previous 48 hours.
Some 500,000 British are currently in France or are planning to travel to or via the nation in the coming days.
‘This will destroy summer for many people,’ said John Keefe of Eurotunnel, which provides the Shuttle service for cars between Folkestone and Calais.
‘It is sad that the government has revoked the option of quarantine-free travel for double-vaccinated parents and their families so near to the school holidays and so soon after they declared that travel to France was safe,’ said Willie Walsh, director-general of the International Air Transport Association.
‘They promised freedom on the back of a successful immunization program and now pull the rug out from under people at the eleventh hour.’ Beginning tomorrow, motorists transiting through France on their way to the UK from Belgium, Germany, or elsewhere will be treated as entering from France, and will be subject to quarantine when they arrive in the UK.
Those traveling by Eurostar rail from Brussels, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam to London St Pancras will be unaffected because the train will not stop in France.
Steven Gee, who owns a chalet in the French Alps, had decided to extend his vacation because he felt if he returned tomorrow, he would avoid having to quarantine.
Instead, he had to rush back the day before yesterday.
‘To change the rules on a Friday evening when no one has a chance to change anything very rapidly for something happening on Monday is absurd,’ he added. While travel companies can legally claim that they can still give the vacation as planned and that the fact that passengers must self-isolate is not their responsibility, most airlines, ferry companies, and tour operators are likely to offer flexibility.
Only a few companies will give you a complete refund.
Because the Foreign Office has not issued a travel warning to France, ordinary travel insurance policies will continue to be valid, although insurers are unlikely to cover additional costs such as supplementary tests and lost income.
Thousands of tourists have cancelled their summer vacation plans when the Balearic Islands were removed from the green list, while the cost of flights back from Ibiza, Majorca, and Menorca has increased nine-fold since last night’s announcement England players hit by stringent Mykonos curfew Michael Powell for the Mail on Sunday
After instances doubled to over 300 in the last week, officials have ordered everyone on the Greek island to stay indoors between 1am and 6am.
If they break the laws, organizers of private parties with more than 20 persons face fines of up to 200,000 euros (PS171,000).
The crackdown comes after some members of the team flew out against the country following England’s humiliation in the World Cup final to Italy last Sunday.
Even England’s Euro football stars have had their vacation plans disrupted after officials in Mykonos imposed a curfew and banned music in restaurants and bars yesterday.
Defender Kyle Walker was seen in a video last weekend lifting his T-shirt over his head and singing along to Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline, the 1969 tune that has become the unofficial anthem of Euro 2020.
Following their semi-final victory over Denmark, the England squad joined fans at Wembley Stadium in a memorable version of the song.
Midfielders Mason Mount and Declan Rice, as well as fullback Luke Shaw, joined Walker in singing.
Several players of the squad are on vacation in Mykonos, including Jack Grealish, Kalvin Phillips, Ben Chilwell, and Ben White.
Model Delilah Hamlin, reality personality Amber Turner, actress Demi Moore, and singer Nicole Scherzinger have all been spotted on the island in recent days.

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