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Clinics In Paris Sell Fake Covid Passports For Ps250 Without The Need To Be Injected

A recent investigation has found that clinics in Paris are selling bogus coronavirus passports for as little as PS250, allowing people to function under contentious new coronavirus rules without having had a vaccine.
Two Covid-19 vaccination centers were ransacked by demonstrators over the weekend, according to the Parisien newspaper.
According to the newspaper, low-paid French health-care workers were earning more than PS4,000 per month by feigning injections.
‘Some vaccination centers, which have been at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19, are now beset by corruption,’ the publication reported on Monday.
Everyone who wishes to travel outside of France, including to nations such as the United Kingdom, must provide proof of a double vaccination and a negative test result.
Vaccine passports are also required to enter bars, cafes, and restaurants under controversial new rules introduced last week.
The official passes, which can be in the form of a paper document or an entry on France’s Anti-Covid App, are supposed to confirm that a person is completely vaccinated.
But, according to La Parisien, multiple centers in the greater Paris area were selling fakes after appearing to jab customers.
A recent investigation has found that clinics in Paris are selling bogus coronavirus passports for as little as PS250, allowing people to function under contentious new coronavirus rules without having had a vaccine.
A major demonstration against the new laws took place in Paris on Saturday, according to the Parisien newspaper, after protestors trashed two Covid-19 immunization centers over the weekend.
The words ‘New Genocide’ were sprayed onto the wall, along with other graffiti, at a vaccination center in Lans-en-Vercors, Isere on Friday night. Evidence of a double vaccination and negative test result is becoming increasingly important for everyone who wants to travel outside of France, including those who wish to travel to the United States.
Vaccine passports are also required to enter bars, cafes, and restaurants under contentious new rules introduced last week. [Stock image] The tabloid said it had discovered multiple centers in the greater Paris area that pretended to vaccinate people and sold phony passports.
This is despite the fact that helping in the trafficking of falsified government documents carries a three-year prison sentence and a fine of PS38,000 if found guilty.
‘With the use of a hidden camera, we were able to obtain a health passport for 300 euros (PS250) without ever receiving a single injection,’ said Parisien investigators.
They remind out that a conventional two-jab vaccination schedule should take more than three months, with 12 weeks between injections and another two weeks before someone is declared fully immunized.
However, the investigators were able to circumvent these delays by unlawfully offering cash in exchange for not being vaccinated at all.
Money was handed over in a curtained-off room of a clinic in the northern Paris suburbs, where the shot was supposed to be given, and placed “under the table where the needles and sterile pads are.”
The clinic or the employees involved have not been identified by Le Parisien, but the newspaper has published a video of the transaction and stated that the center ‘is not the only one to have formed an underground economy.’ Urrugne mayor Philippe Aramendi told Le Monde that he was certain the fire at a marquee holding a vaccination center in the town was set deliberately, with the slogans ‘Vaccine = genocide’ and ‘Think of your child.’
The building was also plundered for furniture, syringes, and compresses. A week ago, French President Emmanuel Macron declared on TV that coronavirus vaccination cards would be required for bars, cafes, and restaurants due to the rapid spread of the Delta Variant across France. The statement provoked protests across France, with big crowds coming to demonstrate in 137 locations.
A protest outside the Louvre in Paris on Saturday A protester wears a t-shirt with the image of a crossed-out syringe during a demonstration in Paris on Saturday Several protestors waved French flags and screamed “Freedom.” It further claims that “caregivers” are apparently generating false passports at the Sainte-Anne Centre, in the city of Paris.
One nurse was sacked in June for ‘falsely vaccinating’ and giving certificates for up to ten people every day,’ according to the article.
Another health center nurse said he was now involved in trafficking phony passes ‘at a rate of 250 euros (PS215) per person,’ and that ‘I made approximately 5,000 euros (PS4,300) last month.’ A spokesman for France’s General Directorate of Health said the Ministry of Health was’monitoring the matter (of vaccine fraud) very closely and has already contacted regional health agencies and vaccination centers in or around Paris.’
He also stated that all health personnel would be required to receive ‘compulsory vaccinations,’ with non-compliance resulting in fines.
The announcement provoked nationwide protests, with big groups demonstrating in 137 sites over the weekend.
Two vaccination centers, one in Isere in southeastern France and the other in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques in the country’s southeast corner, were also attacked over the weekend.
According to the mayor of Lans-en-Vercors, the Isere center in Lans-en-Vercors was vandalized overnight on Friday, and the municipal building in which it was housed is now ‘totally out of order.’
The facility, which was marked with graffiti such as ‘Vaccine = Genocide’ and ‘New Genocide,’ was plundered and furniture, syringes, and compresses were stolen.
Mayor Michael Kraemer told the media that equipment placed in garages beneath the building was also damaged, and that the community was paying the price for the execution of “some significant national policies.”
A protester dressed as the Statue of Liberty waves a flag during a rally in Paris on Saturday, while another holds a banner emphasizing that it should be an individual’s decision whether or not to get vaccinated. Images of world leaders with Adolf Hitler moustaches are visible in Paris, where demonstrators denounced a ‘health dictatorship.’ Macron’s initiatives have enraged many people who believe they infringe on people’s constitutional rights.
In the Pyrenees-Atlantiques, a marquee hosting a vaccination center in the town of Urrugne was targeted in a protest on Saturday. A demonstrator holds a placard reading ‘health dictatorship’ and wears a yellow Star of David, marking himself out as a non-vaccinated individual in an apparent reference to the stars Jews were compelled to wear in Nazi-occupied Europe during World War II.
According to Le Monde, Urrugne mayor Philippe Aramendi believes the fire was set deliberately.
‘I was called at 3 a.m., and it was discovered that flammable stuff had been spilled all over the marquee,’ says the firefighter.
‘Thankfully, the flames were swiftly put out, and the marquee was only partially burned,’ he said.
Hundreds of cafe owners, hospital staff, and parents took part in Bastille Day rallies, some yelling “Liberty!”
The right to be free!
‘, who took to the streets of Paris to protest Macron’s divisive plans to address the country’s rising coronavirus outbreaks.
Huge masses were met by riot police, who fired tear gas in an attempt to disperse the gathering.
Protesters and police exchanged kicks with tear gas canisters, while bikes wove peacefully through the crowd.
The UK government said on Friday that visitors coming in the UK from France will be quarantined for up to ten days, even if they have received both Covid vaccines.
This was in response to the expansion of the Beta Variant in France, despite the fact that the rises are mostly limited to the 5,000-mile-away overseas island of Reunion.
France confirmed 12,532 new infections on Saturday, with 22 deaths reported on Friday.
Hundreds of demonstrators yelling “Liberty!”
‘ marched through Paris on Bastille Day to protest Macron’s controversial policies.

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