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In A Letter To His Mp Mark Bullingham Blasts Fans For Causing Disruption At The Euro 2020 Final

Mark Bullingham, the Football Association’s chief executive, has replied to calls from the government for an explanation into the awful sights that marred the Euro 2020 final.
Bullingham wrote to Julian Knight MP, the chair of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, saying that the behavior of tens of thousands of England fans before and after the penalty shootout loss to Italy “brought shame to the whole country.”
The FA has now commissioned an independent investigation into the incident, which saw dozens of ticketless fans force their way into Wembley Stadium, as well as nasty scenes in the stands and before the game.
After a “six-hour siege” by “thousands of unruly yobs” at the national stadium, Bullingham promised that lessons would be learned.
“The images outside Wembley Stadium on Sunday, July 11 at the UEFA Euro 2020 final were both disturbing and appalling,” Mark Bullingham Bullingham wrote.
“We were confronted with tens of thousands of thugs outside the stadium, many of whom were inebriated in some way.”
Following that, a significant number of people attempted, often violently, to force their way into Wembley Stadium from public places.
“Their actions were inexcusable, hazardous, and frequently unlawful, and they showed complete contempt for the law and other people.”
This type of continuous public disruption should not be tolerated by any police officer, steward, security personnel, or real fan.
“This was despicable behavior that brought dishonor to the entire country at a time when our wonderful men’s England team had done so much to elevate the nation’s spirits through one of our most trying periods in history.”
“At a time when we should be celebrating the crew’s accomplishments, we’re focusing on how our stadium team of cops, security, and stewards had to deal with hundreds of unruly yobs during a six-hour siege – something no stadium is designed to handle.”
“We are determined to find out what happened both outside and inside Wembley, and we recognize that everyone will need to learn from the events of the day and make necessary changes in the future.”
“To do so, we’ve commissioned an independent review aimed at learning lessons and preventing this from happening again.”
“Baroness Casey of Blackstock will lead this, and we’ve told both Number 10 and the Secretary of State, as well as you.”
“The review will speak to key parties such as the police, the Greater London Authority, the Safety Advisory Group, and those involved in tournament delivery, including the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport,” according to the press release.
“It will also incorporate testimony from fans and reflect on fan experience.”
“In the meantime, we continue to collaborate with relevant authorities in support of their efforts to identify and prosecute those responsible.”
“I am certain that the independent review will provide detailed answers to all of the questions you and your colleagues have raised, as well as many of our own.”
“When it’s finished, we’ll let you know what we found.”

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