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After Leading England To The Euro 2020 Final Gareth Southgate Was Hailed As A Role Model For Managers

After leading England to a historic run to the Euro 2020 final, Gareth Southgate has been hailed as a role model for coaches throughout the country.
‘If you ever wanted someone at the top of the tree to look at and say, “thats a role model for what effective coaching looks like,” he is it,’ said Mark Gannon, CEO of UK Coaching.
On evaluating Southgate’s work with England, Gannon quoted renowned American basketball player and coach John Wooden, who said: ‘A good coach can alter a game, a great coach can change a life, and thats the difference.’
‘A great coach has a balance,’ says Gareth Southgate, who has been recognized as a role model for coaches across the country.
There’s the technical and tactical aspects, but what else can you elicit from your players to give them that extra two or three percent that makes the difference?
Southgate’s ability to pull more out of his squad than had been managed with an England team since 1966 was evident in England’s memorable trip to a first major final in 55 years.
Gannon, whose organization is the UK’s leading coaching charity, representing the country’s three million coaches, feels Southgate’s leadership may be an inspiration.
‘The relationship with individuals is the differentiating aspect of a great coach, and Gareth Southgate has that in plenty,’ he remarked.
‘Coaching abilities are about people, not just the sport,’ the manager said after leading England to the final of the European Championships for the first time.
Your ethos and the culture you create
The manner in which you coach and lead
He establishes connections with the individual player, the squad, the coaching staff surrounding him, and the FA’s wider support network.
He has brought us together as a country.
‘He is the consummate professional.’
Excellent leaders are tranquil, which instills trust in those with whom they work.
It is one of his characteristics.
‘He’s a cool, composed, well-balanced, and smart leader.’
Southgate’s professionalism as a manager has also been complimented by Mark Gannon, CEO of UK Coaching. While earlier England generations may have been more lauded but ultimately underachieved, Southgate has also found the proper tactics to engage his young squad, which is another key lesson for grassroots coaches from the world of elite sport.
‘If you have a coach that is outstanding with technique and skills but can’t relate to the next generation, they may be turned off,’ Gannon said.
‘At UK Coaching, our aim is to try to strike a balance between technical and tactical abilities, as well as what we now refer to as power skills.’
People skills are referred to be “power skills” since they are the ones that truly motivate the participants.
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