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After The Floods The German Cabinet Meets To Approve Financial Relief

Germany’s Cabinet will meet on Wednesday to decide on a package of immediate relief for flood victims and to discuss long-term plans to restore areas damaged by the floods last week.
Chancellor Angela Merkel and ministers are set to approve a package worth roughly 400 million euros ($472 million) to help people deal with the immediate aftermath of the flooding and restore some of the damage. The package will be funded half by the federal government and half by Germany’s state governments.
The government also plans to put billions into a reconstruction fund, but the exact amount won’t be known until officials have a better understanding of the scope of the devastation.
Merkel said on Tuesday, while visiting the seriously damaged town of Bad Muenstereifel, that “we will do everything…
“I hope this is a matter of days,” she added, “so that the money gets to individuals who frequently have nothing left but the clothing on their backs.”
In terms of long-term rehabilitation, she indicated that reconstructing infrastructure “would take more than a few months,” citing the numerous bridges that have been destroyed.
At least 170 people were killed in Germany this week as minor rivers swelled quickly into roaring floods following heavy rains, with well over half of them in Ahrweiler county near Bonn. Another 31 people died in Belgium, putting the total death toll in both nations to 201.

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