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Claudio Marchisio Mocks England Supporters Pleas For Euro 2020

Claudio Marchisio, a former Italy midfielder, mocked England fans on social media by asking how he can sign a petition to have the Euro 2020 final replayed because his team will win it “another 1,000 times.”
Following a 1-1 draw with Italy at Wembley Stadium after 120 minutes of play, England was beaten on penalties.
After the shootout, Marchisio was permitted to celebrate, but many English fans were enraged, and a petition to rerun the match soon gathered over 146,000 signatures.
Gareth Southgate (left) saw his England side lose in dramatic manner in the final, and after petitions for a rematch were launched, ex-Italian player Claudio Marchisio (right) reacted Marchisio asked where he could sign the petition since Italy will “win it another thousand times.”
England fans believed a lot of rulings went against them, potentially changing the outcome of the final.
After captain Giorgio Chiellini yanked on Bukayo Saka’s collar and caused him to fall to the ground late in the game, Marchisio’s team was accused of playing ‘foul.’
While some supporters immediately took to social media to claim that he deserved a red card for the move, he was only given a yellow card in the end.
The way Giorgio Chiellini fouled Bukayo Saka has enraged fans. One petition on called for the referees to be changed because it was ‘clearly prejudiced.’
‘The match on July 11, 2021 was not at all fair,’ the appeal stated.
‘Italy only got a yellow card for dragging England players about like slaves.’
‘Italy was allowed to win despite all the pushes, tugs, and kicks?
Obviously skewed
‘Italy should have received a red card for their behavior, and the rematch should be conducted with a neutral referee.’
Marchisio is allowed to make light of the petition because he retired from football in October of this year.
In 55 appearances for the national team, the former Juventus midfielder scored five goals.

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