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After Thrashing France Mexico Shown That It Is A Real Contender For The Olympic Mens Soccer Gold Medal

El Tri appears to have what it takes to make another run at the Olympic podium nine years after winning its first men’s soccer gold medal.
The Mexican team demonstrated its readiness to compete by defeating France, one of the pre-event favorites, 4-1 in the opening match of the 2021 Olympic tournament.
The Mexicans outperformed France in every area of the field, as evidenced by four second-half goals scored by four different players: Alexis Vega, Sebastian Cordova, Uriel Antuna, and Eduardo Aguirre.
“We’re a talented team,” Guillermo “Memo” Ochoa, goalkeeper and captain, stated, “guys with a lot of quality, with a desire to win, shine, and transcend.”
When you combine this with players who have represented their country at the senior level, it shows when making judgments in a game like this — whether to tackle, pass, or shoot.
And today we did pretty well.” MORE: Updated Olympic men’s soccer group standings There was very little not to like about Mexico’s performance, which revealed few flaws and demonstrated all the reasons why they will challenge for the Olympic title once more: Gamebreakers in green France may have had the big name on the field in forward Andre-Pierre Gignac, but Mexico’s attackers were the ones who consistently outperformed France.
And they all did it.
With the ball towards their feet, Vega on the left and Diego Lainez on the right were electric, taking on defenders one-on-one and shooting straight at goal.
And they wrecked havoc on the French defense every time they attacked.
With comrade Henry Martin filling in for Vega and Lainez at center forward, they had a willing partner who engaged defenders and created space for them.
Vega appears to be in the finest shape of his career, and when he plays with the passion he did against France, he’s difficult to stop.
Meanwhile, Lainez was the brightest player on the pitch, and one of his repeated penetrating runs into the box resulted in the first goal.
His tempting cutback cross was met by Vega, who raced into the box to head home.
It’s simple to see why all of these players are already part of the senior Mexican national team setup under head coach Gerardo “El Tata” Martino, especially when attacking midfielder Cordova is included in the mix — he demonstrated his soccer sense on his well-taken goal in the box.
t=-834890966&w=500&quality=80 Mexico is deep When two players come off the bench and score, you know things are really clicking.
Despite having a lead, Mexico Olympic coach Jaime Lozano was rewarded for his choice to put in attacking reinforcements.
Right winger Antuna (72nd minute) and center striker Eduardo Aguirre (88th minute) were introduced, and they both contributed to the victory.
In this tournament, Antunas speed will be a fantastic weapon off the bench.
As he came on for Lainez, he used it to great effect on Mexico’s third goal.
He backed up his defender before cutting inside and shooting a low, driving shot off the post.
That came with 10 minutes left in the game, and it helped Frances lose the game.
And Aguirre is a less seasoned Henry Martin with a superior goal-scoring instinct.
He demonstrated it on Mexico’s fourth goal, blasting the ball past the goalkeeper at the near post from a tight angle.
To give Martin a break before the single-elimination knockout rounds, expect him to start one of the group games.
t=-834942366&w=500&quality=80 There were no weak links on defense, though. If having the finest offensive skill on the field wasn’t enough, Mexico’s back line also outshined its opponents.
With his combination of range, strength, and pace, right back Jorge Sanchez is multi-million dollar transfer material.
France didn’t bother assaulting his flank very often.
Although it helped knowing they had played against Gignac in Mexico’s Liga MX, the center backs Cesar “Cachorro” Montes and Johan Vasquez were in complete command.
The only serious blunder was Montes’ loss in judgment on the slide tackle in his own box, which resulted in a penalty goal for Frances.
Luis Romo is the glue guy Although his name does not appear in the box score this time, center midfielder Luis Romo is the most crucial player on this Mexican team.
Getafe in La Liga was apparently making a transfer bid for him, but his Mexican side Cruz Azul has reportedly rejected it, and they may be able to find other bids if Mexico has a strong Olympic run ahead of them.
Since he has such a good feel for the game, Romo appears to be everywhere on the field.
He offers a sense of balance to his side, whether he’s supporting the attack or defending the back line, and whatever he chooses is usually the best option.
He also sprints for two players, giving him a huge impact on the field.
t=-834992462&w=500&quality=80 Mexico is a well-oiled machine The players are familiar with one another, due to prior camps run by senior Mexico manager Tata Martino.
This familiarity was on display against France, a team that was put together specifically for this tournament and will never play together again.
Mexico was the more united team, as evidenced by their passing and how they bounced off of other during transition.
All of the players have distinct roles to play, and they all do so admirably.
Erick Aguirre, for example, was a stay-at-home defender who didnt overextend himself on the attacking side, which was especially important with Sanchez marauding down the right flank.
And everything worked out perfectly.
This passion was particularly visible in the moments following their goals, when the Mexicans sent a message to France that they would not allow them to re-enter the game: El Tri knocked the ball around with personality, keeping it away from the French.
It was a flex move by a squad that understands how fantastic it is.
Mexico appears to be a complete team, capable of scoring, defending, and managing and controlling games.
Aside from Brazil, there doesn’t appear to be anyone else they should be afraid of the rest of the way, especially given how El Tri handled France.

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