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In The Most Recent Week One Out Of Every Seven Covid 19 Instances Was Not Contacted Through Test And Trace

New data shows that one out of every seven patients who were moved to the Test and Trace system after testing positive for Covid-19 were not reached in the previous week.
It’s the biggest percentage since October of last year, and it comes as the number of persons who have tested positive has risen to its highest level in almost six months.
According to the Department of Health and Social Services, 14.2% of those transferred to Test and Trace in England in the week ending July 14 were not reached.
The statistic hasn’t been this high since the week ending October 21, 2020, when it was 14.5% early in the second wave of coronavirus.
Everyone in England who tests positive for Covid-19, either by a rapid (LFD) test or a laboratory-processed PCR test, is transferred to Test and Trace so that their connections can be identified and warned.
In the most recent week, only 85.6% of those who had been transferred to Test and Trace had been reached.
In the week leading up to July 14, a total of 259,265 people in England tested positive for Covid-19 at least once.
This is a 33% increase over the previous week and the greatest since the week of January 20.
The impact of the third wave of coronavirus, which is still spreading across the country, is reflected in the high increase in positive cases.
According to the newest data, the Test and Trace system is under stress equivalent to that experienced during the virus’s second wave last winter.
In the week ending July 14, just under two-thirds of patients (64.7%) who were tested for Covid-19 in England at a regional site, local site, or mobile testing unit – a so-called “in-person” test – had their results within 24 hours.
This is slightly higher than the previous week’s figure of 63.0%, but it’s only the second time since mid-January that the proportion has fallen below two-thirds.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson had promised that all in-person test results would be available within 24 hours by the end of June 2020.
On June 3, 2020, he told the House of Commons that he would “turn around all testing within 24 hours by the end of June, except for complications with postal tests or insurmountable challenges like that.”
In the most recent week, 475,465 close connections of those who tested positive were identified, with nearly nine out of ten (428,001) being contacted and urged to self-isolate.
Separate numbers reveal that in the same week, a total of 618,903 notifications were sent to NHS Covid-19 app users in England and Wales, informing them that they had been in close contact with someone who had tested positive for coronavirus.

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