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Samsungs Upcoming Foldables Might Be Priced Closer To A Normal Phone According To Sources

Samsung officially announced its upcoming Unpacked event for August 11 earlier this week, and now, according to a fresh leak, we may have just gotten a clearer sense of how much all of Samsung’s new products will cost a few weeks ahead of time.
Before we get into the details, it’s worth noting that this information originates from a listing from European tech retailer LambdaTek, which was later shared on Reddit by user FragmentedChicken.
Because LambdaTek isn’t known for releasing prices ahead of time, it’s vital not to take these figures as gospel until Samsung releases official pricing at Unpacked.
Furthermore, because the leaked prices are in euros, direct dollar conversions may not be completely accurate, especially because FragmentedChicken accurately points out that the price ratio between European and American prices is frequently closer than 1:1.
Now let’s talk about the costs.
The Galaxy Z Fold3 will be available in three hues (Phantom Black, Phantom Silver, and Phantom Green), with prices starting at 1, 676 euros for the 256GB variant and roughly 1, 777 euros for the 512GB model, according to LambdaTeks.
If we convert euros to dollars directly, the Z Fold3 will cost $1,980, which is almost the same as last year’s Galaxy Fold2.
If, on the other hand, the Z Fold3’s U.S.
If the price is actually 1:1 and closer to $1,700, that would be a significant price reduction, similar to what earlier rumors predicted.
The smaller Z Flip3 is likely to cost 975 euros for the 128GB model and 1, 025 euros for the 256GB model, with the phone itself coming in a variety of colors such as black, white, light pink, dark blue, lavender, cream, and green.
If those pricing are accurate, putting the Z Flip3 under $1,000 might be a game changer for foldable phone adoption, as it would let the Z Flip3 to compete more effectively with more traditional premium phones.
The 42mm Galaxy Watch 4 Classic costs 358 euros (or 399 euros for the 4G model), while the 46mm version costs 379 euros (or 419 euros for the 4G version) according to LambdaTek.
Meanwhile, the basic Galaxy Watch 4 appears to be marginally less expensive, with the 40mm model starting at 256 euros (or 298 euros with 4G) and the 44mm model starting at 277 euros (or 318 euros with 4G).
Moreover, the Galaxy Watch 4 appears to be available in green, pink, and gold, in addition to the regular black and silver.
Advertisement If we compare LambdaTeks offering to another Galaxy Watch 4 pricing leak from Amazon Canada earlier this month, it appears to be in the same ballpark.
While I wouldn’t call anything confirmed just yet, this link appears to lend credibility to today’s disclosure.
LambdaTek sells the Galaxy Buds 2 at 149 euros, which is higher than the original rumored price of $100.
A 149 euro price tag would make sense, as it would bring the Galaxy Buds 2 closer to Apple’s earbuds’ starting price of 159 euros.
Yet, if Samsung wants to make a big splash, a lower price is clearly preferable.
Apart from pricing, we just received a hint about the Z Fold3 and Z Flip3’s enhanced design, with noted leaker Max Weinbach suggesting that both foldables will have an IPX8 water resistant rating.
If accurate, this would be a significant improvement in Samsung’s foldables’ durability, as both the original Galaxy Fold and the Z Fold2 lacked any official water resistance.
Finally, it appears like Samsung’s early bird reservation system allows buyers to trade in numerous devices in exchange for credit toward a new device, potentially lowering the out-of-pocket cost of Samsung’s new gadgets even further.
Thus, even if no new Galaxy Note is on the way, Samsung’s next Unpacked presentation is building up to be quite a show, with the company prepared to extend its first-mover lead in the foldable area even further.

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