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Senior Officials Prevented Police From Using Force At Wembley Stadium During The Euro 2020 Final

At the Euro 2020 final, a police officer who tackled ticketless fans as they forced their way into Wembley accused high-ranking cops of being hesitant to intervene in order to safeguard the ‘brand image.’
The unnamed male Metropolitan Police officer was speaking about the tumultuous scenes at London’s Wembley Stadium during England’s match versus Italy on July 11.
Up to 5,000 fans who did not have tickets were admitted illegally earlier this week, with violations continuing all night until the penalty shootout.
Senior members of the force were hesitant to give the go-ahead, the officer told The Times, therefore he and his colleagues were not ‘allowed’ to deploy strong deterrents.
‘The best we could do was manhandle them down the ramps away from the stadium,’ the male Metropolitan Police officer, who has not been named, told the publication about the chaotic scenes at the London stadium during England’s match against Italy on July 11.
‘It’s all about the brand image,’ says the author.
It’s infuriating that we’re being prevented from doing our jobs.
We’re dressed in public order gear for a purpose.’ The officer also said that officials were not fully prepared.
Several police there were hesitant, he added, because they were new to public order policing.
He also alleged that there were too few officers positioned along Wembley Way and that they had gotten “mixed messages” regarding crowd engagement.
Police released photos of ten persons they wanted to speak to in connection with the violence that marred the Euro 2020 final at Wembley earlier this week, with breaches continuing all night until the penalty shootout.
Detectives discovered the photographs from the stadium and Central London after combing through hundreds of hours of CCTV and police bodycam footage.
The Metropolitan Police, which has been heavily chastised for its handling of the incident, has stated that individuals guilty for the appalling acts of violence would be brought to justice.
Two Wembley stewards were also arrested for allegedly attempting to sell Euro final tickets for PS4,500, according to police.
Up to 5,000 ticketless fans may have forced their way inside, according to recent reports.
With only 60,000 seats available for England’s first major final in 55 years, those involved knew there would be vacant seats and devised a range of strategies to gain access to the stadium.
Tailgating ticket holders through turnstiles, pushing open exit doors and disabled entrances, and bribing security personnel to let them in were among the tactics used.
Andy Trotter, a former Met Deputy Assistant Commissioner, characterized the Wembley events as “a disgrace on our country’s credibility” last week.
And, according to current Deputy Assistant Commissioner Jane Connors, the final may have been called off if the cops hadn’t intervened.
The Metropolitan Police has been contacted by MailOnline for comment on the accusations.

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