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Something You Only Learn If You Lose Your Phone All The Time As Louis Tomlinsons Tweet About Misplacing His Has Gone Viral

Traditionally, when a tweet from a former member of One Direction goes viral, it’s about a new music video, a long-awaited single, or – most likely – Harry Styles wearing something amazing.
This time, Louis Tomlinson is the one who has gone viral, and it’s for a far more mundane purpose.
The musician tweeted to his 35.8 million fans, “Lost my phone over the Euros.”
“Hows everyone doing??” the tweet has now received over 280k likes and 79k retweets, with Tomlinson, who was spotted cheering on England during Euro 2020, responding to a user who inquired how the phone was lost, saying, “Got over excited at the Euros.”
If you’re someone who constantly loses their phone, you’ll understand the pop singers’ predicament.
It’s a awful feeling: “Hold on,” you exclaim, “where’s my phone?” for the third time that day, as you realize you can’t find your phone anywhere.
You frantically rummage through your pockets/bag/both, hoping to find your smartphone.
…but the relief you feel when you find it is incredible. After the heart-pounding dread of not being able to locate your phone, the flood of relief that washes over you is magnificent.
It never appears to be where you expect it to be. No matter how many times you misplace your phone, it always seems to end up in some new unexpected location.
In your car’s seat, down the back of the sofa cushions, and in the fridge.
It’s like playing hide and seek, but when you’re late for work and need to hurry out the door as soon as possible.
(Alamy/PA) Your peers and family are worried about you since you have a reputation among your friends for losing phones.
They realize that if you don’t respond to their messages, it’s simply not on purpose; it’s probably because you don’t have a phone right now.
Being ‘off the grid’ is very pleasant. On the plus side, you’re forced to do a digital detox every time your phone goes missing, and you genuinely enjoy the break from social media browsing and not having to respond to messages.
You’ve left it in taxis, on your desk at work, in restaurants, bars, pubs, and the cinema, to name a few places.
You have to keep checking back to see if a good Samaritan has given in your device, which they typically have.
You never learn. No matter how many times you swear to be more careful with your electronics, you can never seem to keep them.
Even having a new phone won’t make you more responsible.
You’ll just have to rely on luck – and those extremely helpful “find my phone” applications.

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