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The Open Top Bus Parade Through Rome Celebrating Italys Euro 2020 Triumph Sent Cases Skyrocketing

A Covid outbreak in Rome has been blamed in part on the Italian national football team’s open-top bus Euro 2020 triumph parade through the city.
For the last month, the number of daily cases in the capital has increased fivefold, averaging more than 100 per day.
And Lazio, which includes Rome, now accounts for about a fifth of all daily infections in Italy.
Alessio D’Amato, one of the city’s most senior health officials, blamed the spike on the ‘Gravina effect.’
The president of the Italian Football Federation (IFF), Gabriele Gravina, was instrumental in persuading city officials to allow the procession to take place.
On July 12, throngs of people flocked to the streets to see the Italian team’s victory lap.
Yet, official data suggests that cases were on the rise in Lazio before to the march, with the spike coinciding with a major football competition.
British specialists have also accused the Euros for exacerbating the outbreak in the United Kingdom, where infections have reached over 50,000 per day.
During the competition, Scotland had a dramatic increase in instances, although they began to fall after the country’s early elimination from the group stages.
With England’s stunning loss to Italy in the final, there are indicators that the epidemic is slowing down in the country.
Following Italy’s victory in Euro 2020, covid cases have increased five-fold in Rome, with an average of 600 infections now being documented daily. Italy’s football squad marched through the streets of Rome on July 12, following their victory at the Euro 2020 football tournament in Wembley. Italian authorities stated authorization to use an open-top bus was not granted, but this could not be halted after the team’s victory.
According to the Italian Insider, an epidemic at a bar in Monteverde, a neighborhood in the city, was related to more than 100 cases.
Specialists believe that fans congregating to watch Italy’s progress in the competition, which began in June, aided in the spread of diseases.
‘We are paying for the so-called “Gravina influence,”‘ D’Amato said, adding that “cases are still going to increase due to the effect of the “power outage” (disregarding social distance laws) on the occasion of the Euros celebrations, which will extend a few days.’
‘Those positives are largely young people who haven’t been vaccinated, so it’s critical to keep vaccination to get herd immunity.’ Cases in Italy are also on the rise following the triumph, and have tripled in less than two weeks.
They’ve now reached their highest point since May.
Nonetheless, hospital admissions in the country have yet to climb, despite experts’ predictions that they will because nearly half of Italians have not yet been vaccinated.
Matteo Piantedosi, the head of Rome’s public safety authority, said the tour of the metropolis was “not authorized.”
‘We had rejected permission to celebrate Italy’s win in the European Championships on an open bus, but the deal was not honored,’ he told newspaper Corriere della Sera, adding that police had ‘no choice’ but to allow the procession to go ahead after captain Giorgio Chiellini and important centre-back Leonardo Bonucci demanded.
The IFF stated that it had acted appropriately, but that it did not want to disappoint spectators who had come to watch the team rejoice.
Since the start of Euro 2020, England’s cases have increased fivefold, from roughly 6,000 each day to more than 31,000 on the day of the final.
Yet, experts are hopeful that it will follow Scotland’s lead, where infection rates dropped dramatically three weeks after their squad was eliminated from the tournament.
On June 30, Scotland hit a high of 3,000 infections per day, the greatest amount since the pandemic began.
However, this has dropped by 40% to 1,800 each day.

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