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The Sister Of The Woman Accused Of Exchanging Pebbles For Gems In A Ps4 2 Million Robbery Was Wanted For A 400000 Euro Fraud

Her sister was wanted for switching 400,000 euros in cash for paper in a Swiss bank robbery, according to the prosecution of a woman accused of swapping pebbles for diamonds in a PS4.2 million crime.
Lulu Lakatos, 60, has already claimed that her late younger sister, Liliana Lakatos, disguised as a gems expert named ‘Anna’ to steal from Boodles in central London on March 10, 2016.
While the New Bond Street shop’s boss, Nicholas Wainwright, was on the phone, ‘Anna’ placed seven pricey diamonds into a padlocked pocketbook before replacing it for a copy containing pebbles.
Authorities claim Lulu was the bogus diamond expert, but she denies conspiring to steal and claims Liliana was the one who did it.
She told jurors at Southwark Crown Court that her sister admitted to her that she used her passport to commit the crime months before she died in a vehicle accident in Romania in 2019 at the age of 49.
In an identification procedure five years after the heist, Boodles’ own gemologist, Emma Barton, identified Liliana Lakatos as the person who stole the diamonds, according to the court.
Defendant Lulu Lakatos, 60, has already alleged that her sister, Liliana Lakatos, was behind the PS4.2 million Boodles heist in London. Jurors were told that Liliana had nine theft and money laundering convictions between 2002 and 2012, and that she was wanted in Switzerland for a’remarkably similar’ offence, according to prosecutor Philip Stott.
On Friday, defense attorney Ioana Nedelcu told the court that an “unknown offender” had obtained a 40 million euro loan for resource firm United Commodities AG under “false pretenses” and demanded a 400,000 euro advance interest payment in return.
She said that on October 15, 2014, a woman ‘may be identified as Liliana Lakatos’ attended a meeting with the company’s CEO, Reto Hartmann, at AEK Bank in Oberhofen, Switzerland.
‘Liliana Lakatos had Reto Hartmann access the safe deposit box, take the money, check it, and place it in eight bundles held together by rubber bands in an envelope she had taken with her, which she then covered in adhesive tape,’ Ms Nedelcu said.
‘When Reto Hartmann was distracted by a phone conversation, she took advantage of the moment of diversion and replaced the envelope with the cash wrapped in tape for a suitably prepared envelope containing paper,’ said Nicholas Wainwright, Chairman of Boodles, which was stung by a PS4.2 million diamond theft.
‘Following that, Liliana Lakatos exited the bank safe, got into a cab, and fled with the stolen goods in an unknown direction,’ Mr Stott stated in his closing remarks to the jury, however it was Lulu Lakatos, not her sister, who was caught on video substituting the diamonds for pebbles at Boodles before passing them over to an accomplice and fleeing to France.
‘You can see her in the video; it’s her,’ he explained.
‘What has happened here is pretty simple: the defendant has taken advantage of the fact that her sister has regrettably passed away in order to try to avoid accountability for this offence.’

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