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Its Past Time For Us To Recognize How Outstanding Top Level Players Truly Are

There has been a noticeable shift in the public opinion of footballers in recent years.A decade ago, they were characterized as pampered, overpaid, and uninformed, concerned with cars and WAGs, and entirely removed from the average man.But Raheem Sterling, who was formerly portrayed in this light, is now regarded as an intelligent and thoughtful young man who was granted an MBE for services to racial equality.
Marcus Rashford, an England teammate, led a selfless and highly effective campaign to help feed children in poverty, for which he did also granted an MBE, as was Jordan Henderson, for his philanthropic efforts during the pandemic.Footballers are happy to get engaged in political concerns, and frequently appear to gather more support than politicians themselves.
Anything such to Tyrone Ming’s criticism of the home secretary following England’s loss from Euro 2020 would not have happened in the “golden generation” era, you suspect.There are clearly people who don’t appreciate such things and would prefer footballers to stick to playing football.
Even they, though, are unlikely to fall for the classic notion of football players being dimwitted.
It is no longer functional.
Footballers are no longer seen as social outcasts by the general population.
They consider them to be, in general, decent people. The next shift in attitude should focus on what players are like as footballers, rather than what they are like as people.

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