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Melissa Conyears Ervin Chicago Treasurer Is Black And Powerful

CHICAGO (WLS) — Chicago Treasurer Melissa Conyears-Ervin said there is no better job for her than managing the city’s finances and working to increase citizens’ financial literacy. “I’m a numbers person,” Conyears-Ervin said.Conyears-Ervin spoke with ABC 7 Correspondent Samantha Chatman about her intentions as city treasurer, her childhood, and why she is dedicated to improving financial literacy.
Conyears-Ervin credits her staunch independence to her mother’s persistent efforts to raise her three daughters. “My mother always instilled in me to never be confined by my zip code,” she stated.
“I’m not sure how, as a working mother, I could have become the municipal treasurer if I hadn’t been trained by my mother.”
Before being elected as municipal treasurer in 2019, Conyears-Ervin worked in the private sector and also served as the Illinois State Representative for the 10th District.
Conyears-Ervin said she works as Treasurer to preserve public dollars, help small businesses, and educate young people about financial resources and the financial services industry. She added that representation is important: “When I tell them (students), what you see in the streets that appears like enormous money being traded, you haven’t seen anything.”
Consider the financial services business and the amount of money that is transferred on a daily basis, millions of dollars at a time.
Conyears-Ervin, who lives in the Garfield Park area with her husband and young children, is still pleased to call herself a West Sider.
She stated that she sees the needs of her community every day, and this is what drives her to make a difference.

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