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Small Vehicle Meets Little Bus During The Tokyo Olympics The Delivery Of Match Balls Has Gone Viral On Social Media

Just when sports fans thought the ‘Little Car’ from Euro 2020 was on its way out, the ‘Tiny Bus’ made an cameo before the Rugby 7s beginning at the Tokyo Olympics.
The match ball was given in an unusual manner as hosts Japan prepared to face Fiji in the first Rugby 7s match of the Games.
If the ‘Little Car’ stole the show during football’s European Championships, the ‘Tiny Bus’ took it a step further, delivering the ball by a conversion off its roof, leaving spectators speechless.
Tiny Bus stole the stage before the Tokyo Olympics’ first Rugby 7s match on Monday, completing a conversion to deliver the match ball as a reference to Japan’s creativity. ‘TINY RUGBY BUS, THIS IS NOT A DRILL,’ one fan commented.
‘Rejoice, small vehicle fans who deliver balls to sporting events!’
Another wrote, ‘The Olympics Rugby 7s has you covered.’
One Twitter user compared Japan’s ‘Little Bus’ to its automobile counterpart used at Euro 2020.
It was a low-key event at Tokyo Stadium with no supporters in attendance until the bus arrived.
Fans on Twitter were immediately cheering at the return of remote-controlled match ball deliveries. As the ball for the Euro 2020 opener arrived in a little car, social media went into frenzy. VW was behind the trick at Euro 2020, and they were soon trending on Twitter as fans were amazed by their incredible pre-match stunt.
The automakers were one of the sponsors of this summer’s European Championships, which were held in 11 cities around Europe.
The tournament’s slogan was ‘We Drive Football,’ which provided an extra layer of hilarity to the Stadio Olimpico hoax.
Many were intrigued by the ingenuity of the Olympics’ own version, which appeared to have no sponsor behind it and featured smart robotics of a discussion through the poles.
Team GB kicked off their Rugby 7s campaign against Canada on Monday morning, and it was a resounding 24-0 victory.
The Olympics version has been compared to the Little Vehicle, which debuted at Euro 2020.

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