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Travel Restrictions From France Are To Be Relaxed Giving Hope To The Third Wave Live

Ryanair has announced a loss of 273 million euros (PS234 million) in the first quarter of the year, citing Covid-19 as continuing to “wreak havoc” on the firm.
The company claimed traffic increased to 8.1 million in the first quarter from 0.5 million the previous year, although losses were higher than the 185 million euros (PS158 million) in the first quarter of 2020.
“Based on current (close-in) reservations, we estimate traffic to climb from over 5 million in June to almost 9 million in July, and over 10 million in August, as long as there are no further Covid setbacks in Europe,” it added.
“Throughout Q1, Covid-19 continued to create havoc on our business, with most Easter flights canceled and EU Govt. easing slower than expected.”
Throughout May and June, there will be travel restrictions.

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