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A Fisherman Is In Critical Condition After A Shark Attack Off The Coast Of Western Australia

A man attacked by a shark off the coast of Western Australia on Tuesday night suffered’significant injuries’ for approximately 10 hours before receiving medical help.
In Exmouth, Western Australia’s North West Cape, the man is now in a serious but stable condition.
He was reportedly fishing on a charter boat near Varanus Island on Tuesday night when he was attacked by a lemon shark shortly after 8 p.m.
The attack was only discovered this morning by WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development fisheries personnel. It happened around 120 kilometers west of Karratha.
The man was treated for lower body injuries on board the charter boat as it traveled through the night to Exmouth, where he was met by paramedics.
A lemon shark, which may grow up to 3.8 meters long and weigh 90 kilograms, attacked the man in his 30s. Lemon sharks are known to love eating at night in fish nurseries and can grow up to 3.8 meters long and 90 kilograms.
The man was on a fishing charter boat off the coast of Western Australia and was not considered a threat to humans.
The man is anticipated to be transferred to Royal Perth Hospital by the Royal Flying Medical Service this evening. Pictured: Cape Range National Park near Exmouth
The location where the man was fishing is popular with recreational fishers, but it is also noted for its abundance of sharks.
Lemon sharks get their name from the yellow coloration of their skin, which helps them blend in with their natural home of the sandy seafloor.
They can reach a length of 3.8 meters and a weight of 90 kilograms, and they are known to like feeding in fish nurseries at night.
They aren’t generally seen to be a danger to people.
Last year, eight individuals died as a result of shark attacks, the greatest amount since 1929, when nine people died.
In November 2020, a 55-year-old man died in Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia, after being attacked by a tiger shark.
In May of this year, a man in his 40s was bitten by a tiger shark while diving off Quondong Beach, 50 kilometers north of Broome.
Last October, surfer Andrew Sharpe, 52, was dragged from his board in the waters off Esperance on WA’s south coast by a four-metre’monster’ shark, according to witnesses.

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