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Google Is Developing An Easy To Use Switch To Android App

According to the most recent disassembly of Google’s Data Restoration Tool, it appears that Google is intending to release an app called “Switch to Android,” which will allow iPhone users migrate their data to an Android phone.
Users will need to download the “Switch to Android” app from the App Store and navigate to their iPhone’s Wi-Fi settings to connect to an Android phone via a Wi-Fi hotspot, according to the strings contained in the newest Data Recovery Tool v1.0.382048734.
Apple’s Move to iOS program, which assists Android customers in making the switch to the iPhone, functions in a similar way.
Switching to Android will be easier for iPhone users thanks to Google’s Switch to Android App. The photos below illustrate how the program will allow iPhone users to transfer apps, SMS messages, and contacts to an Android smartphone.
Nevertheless, no more information is available at this time, although it appears that the app will match apps loaded on the user’s iPhone with apps available on the Google Play Store.
If your iPhone is encrypted, however, you won’t be able to migrate specific apps, iCloud contacts, device contacts, or iMessage messages.
Let’s have a look at some screenshots of the strings discovered by @xdadevelopers in #Google’s Data Recovery Tool app update — Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a) July 27, 2021
It also appears that the service would allow users to convert their WhatsApp talks to Android utilizing the planned “Move Chats to Android” function from the Facebook-owned messaging app.
Google Drive currently allows iPhone users to back up their images, videos, contacts, and calendars.
While the breakdown reveals that Google is working on a Switch to Android app, we don’t know when, if ever, it will be released on the App Store.

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