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The Most Recent Version Of Facebooks Data Transfer Tool Allows Users To Export Events To Google Calendar

Move Your Information, Facebook’s data transfer tool, has been upgraded to include two more destinations for data related with your Facebook account: Photobucket and Google Calendar (via Engadget).
In the past, Facebook allowed photo uploads to services like Google Photos, but the corporation now claims that Facebook Events are a new data type for the Data Transfer Project tool.
Support for Photobucket and Google Calendar is part of a bigger overhaul of Transfer Your Information, which Facebook claims makes it “simpler and more intuitive.” It should be easy to monitor the status of each transfer, initiate multiple transfers to the same destination, and sift through and select what data you actually want to move, among other things.
After its inception in 2019, Facebook’s Transfer Your Information service has grown.
The purpose of Facebook’s tool, as well as its participation in the Data Transfer Project with Microsoft, Google, Twitter, and Apple, is to allow users to transfer data between platforms and services without having to first download it.
Participants of the project create “adapters” across their various proprietary APIs, so that Facebook Photographs, for example, can seamlessly migrate to Google Photos.

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