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Facebook Has Expanded Its Data Portability Options To Include Photobucket And Google Calendar

Today, Facebook announced the addition of two more destinations for transferring data from the social network.
Users will be able to move their photographs to Photobucket and event listings to Google Calendar, according to a blog post from the firm.
Hadi Michel, the tool’s product manager, said it has been “totally revamped” to be “simpler and more intuitive,” offering users more clarity on what they can publish to which platforms.
Furthermore, users can now begin several transfers and have more fine-grained control over what they choose to export in each one.
This is yet another function added to the Data Transfer Project, which was created by Google, Facebook, and Microsoft as an open-source effort.
Facebook users may currently upload images to Google’s image storage service, as well as Dropbox, Blogger, Google Docs, and WordPress.
This is partly a response to the long-stalled ACCESS Act, which would allow consumers to transfer their information to any competitive platform.
According to Facebook, the government should “establish clearer regulations regarding who is responsible for safeguarding that data when it is transferred to different services,” and “create clearer rules about who is responsible for protecting that data as it is transferred to different services.”

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