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The Audi Skysphere Concept Electric Roadster May Be Converted Into A Grand Tourer

Audi has now shown a wild electric vehicle concept: a convertible roadster with a long wheelbase that transforms into a grand tourer (GT).
The Audi Skysphere’s complete front end may expand or retract 9.8 inches (and drop 0.4 inches) at the touch of a button.
The Skysphere is supposed to showcase both Audi’s design and technical prowess.
It was based on the Horch 853, a long, low roadster with a pushed-back interior and rear-wheel drive that debuted in 1931.
The current idea keeps those core elements in plenty, with the long nose and low, laid-back cockpit evoking memories of rear-drive GTs like the Ferrari 812 Superfast.
Audi’s Horch concept car replaces the straight-8 gas guzzler with a 623-horsepower electric engine and an 80-kWh battery, much of which is hidden below the rear bulkhead.
This results in a 60-40 rear weight bias, similar to that of a Porsche 911, making it easy to get the Skysphere sideways if it were ever built.
It also has 553 foot-pounds of torque, which allows it to reach 60 mph in just 4 seconds.
On the Euro WLPT cycle, it will travel roughly 310 miles, or less in EPA terms.
The interior is designed to mimic Art Deco architecture from the 1930s (which corresponds to the Horch’s time period), yet with current technology conveniences.
It has a complete dashboard screen, similar to the Honda E, as well as huge touchscreens in the armrests.
The interior is built for Level 4 autonomous operation, so you can rest in GT mode and take control when you want to have some roadster fun.
Audi Grander tourer (GT) mode Audi The Skysphere’s most interesting (though probably exceedingly impractical) feature is the changing wheelbase (above).
Electric motors power a telescoping structure that transforms the vehicle from a grand touring EV with a long wheelbase to a much shorter and lower roadster.
It also employs active aerodynamics, which are closed in GT mode but open in roadster mode.
They would channel air under the automobile for added downforce when actuated.
In roadster mode, the steering wheel and pedals shift forward, while the passenger seat goes backward, and the dash moves forward to become a more driver-centric instrument panel.
Despite its sporting appearance, the EV offers room for personalized luggage and two sets of golf clubs.
Overall, the Skysphere concept is a fun take on an electric vehicle that might be two cars at once, providing both driver enjoyment and some autonomy if you wanted to relax.
You won’t see one on the road anytime soon, but some of the concepts may make their way into Audi EVs in the future.
The Grandsphere and the Urbansphere, two further designs, will be unveiled in the following months, according to the manufacturer.

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