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Whatsapp Will Be Able To Send And Receive Messages Between Iphone And Android Devices In The Near Future

During Samsung’s Unpacked event, WhatsApp announced that users will soon be able to transfer messages between iOS and Android devices, starting with Samsung Galaxy phones.
WhatsApp now allows you to effortlessly transfer messages between iPhones and Android devices, making it simple to keep your conversations going after an upgrade.
Switching from iPhone to Android, or vice versa, has so far resulted in the loss of your communication history.
WhatsApp is getting the ability to export and import messages between devices, according to Engadget.
Samsung Galaxy phones, notably those running Android 10 or newer, will be able to import messages starting in the coming weeks.
You’ll be able to freely move WhatsApp messages between phones in the future, regardless of who sent them.
Importing messages may only work when setting up a new device on your account, according to early preview screenshots published by WhatsApp.
Chat history import
To recover your chats, we’ll need your consent.
If you skip this step, you won’t be able to import afterwards.
WhatsApp’s task was not easy, since it necessitated collaboration from OS developers and phone manufacturers in order to safely and securely transport the encrypted messages, voice recordings, and photographs.
Our APK Insight team discovered evidence of WhatsApp’s Import/Export feature in Android’s “Data Restoration Tool,” implying that it will be found under Settings > Chats > Transfer Chats to Android.
Such connection shows Google has been working hard to make switching from iPhone to Android as simple as possible.
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