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After A Major Transfer Sergio Ramos Invites Lionel Messi And His Family To Stay At His New Paris House

Sergio Ramos has informed Lionel Messi and his family that if they become weary of staying in hotels, they may move in with him.
Once rivals in La Liga for many years, Real Madrid and Barcelona’s former captains are now teammates, and according to El Pais, Ramos has already told Messi that if he doesn’t want to stay in a hotel, he may bring his family to Ramos’ house.
Messi is presently residing at the Le Royal Monceau hotel, which is where all of PSG’s major acquisitions stay until they find permanent housing.
Sergio Ramos has offered Lionel Messi and his family the chance to stay at his new house in Neuilly-sur-Seine. The two former rivals have become enormous marquee signings for PSG this summer. The hotel on Avenue Hoch is just off the Champs Elysees, and Ramos was briefly there when he joined, but is said to have moved to the same Neuilly-sur-Seine region where Angel Di Maria and Marquinhos live.
During the Argentine’s 16 seasons at Barcelona, Ramos had his run-ins with Messi, and the house-sharing offer is the first chapter of a new chapter in their relationship.
It could be a while before they play together on the field.
Ramos is out for two months with a thigh injury, while Messi hasn’t trained since the Copa America and is unlikely to be ready to Mauricio Pochettino (who was in charge of Espanyol at the time Messi made his Barcelona debut) before the end of the month.
As Messi arrived on Monday, he waved to supporters from the seventh story of the Royal Monceau hotel.
Director of football Leonardo had previously convinced Messi to pop his head out the window to greet eager fans at the airport.
As the 158 euros number 30 jerseys start flying off the shelves of the club shops, PSG is keen for him to completely engage with supporters.
Back in Barcelona, the club was still striving to sign fresh players in time for the club’s first game against Real Sociedad on Sunday.
Emerson has been registered, but Barcas’ troubles to meet La Liga’s financial fair-play requirements have raised major doubts about whether they will be able to sign Memphis Depay.
Messi is presently sleeping at the Le Royal Monceau hotel, which is where all of PSG’s marquee recruits stay after they initially join the club. Barcelona must settle accounts with Messi as well.
It’s unclear whether the club will be required to pay him a loyalty incentive.
With his 2017 deal, he receives a EUR77 million incentive.
According to reports, roughly 33 million euros is still outstanding, and Barcelona is unsure what exactly is owed and what will have to be paid.
Barcelona is under the impression that Messi will not demand the money from his financially troubled former club.
The athlete could possibly be entitled salary that was deferred by the former president during the epidemic to help the organization get through the problem.

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