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Changes In Policy Are Deterring Uk Travelers According To A Travel Executive

In recent months, British tourists have encountered greater uncertainty than many other Europeans, according to the CEO of one of the continent’s largest travel companies.
UK travelers have been put off by the UK Government’s changing rules, according to Tui CEO Friedrich Joussen.
He cited the ministers’ decision in mid-May to add Portugal to the list of green travel destinations before withdrawing it in early June.
“You had Portugal on the green list and then off the green list, so I don’t believe decision predictability was that high,” he said.
“When you alter the program so frequently, people stop watching,” he continued.
Tui data released on Thursday revealed that, with the exception of a few days in mid-January, UK travelers have cancelled more summer 2021 trips than they have booked.
Over most of this period, bookings had been ahead of cancellations in Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium, the three other countries for which Tui supplied data.
Mr Joussen explained that “the difference between the UK and the other countries is a little bit of ambiguity.”
Customers will be put off by the cost of PCR tests, he added.
At Heathrow Airport, a plane lifts off past the control tower (Steve Parsons/PA) (PA Archive) He also asked for unvaccinated European adults and children to be permitted to travel freely.
Mr Joussen divided the issue on how to treat unvaccinated adults into two camps when asked for his thoughts.
Unvaccinated persons should be encouraged to get vaccinated by making it more difficult for them to travel and attend public events, according to one side of the debate.
“The other question was: why should we protect unvaccinated (people) if they don’t protect themselves?”
“You know, hospitalization is really low, and we don’t have any system overloads.”
“Vaccinated ones are not endangered by unvaccinated people.”
“So my personal perspective was a little bit the second,” he explained.
Tui announced on Thursday that revenue in the third quarter of 2021 increased by more than 800% to 649.7 million euros (PS465 million) compared to the same period the previous year.
The loss on earnings before taxes fell from 1.5 billion euros (PS1.3 billion) to 846.9 million euros (PS717 million).

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