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What Does It Say After Ten Years Of Ffp That Barca Cant Sign Messi But Psg Can

That didn’t seem like the right time or location to declare an emergency.
Michel Platini cleared his throat and addressed the room while breakfast was being served in a hotel overlooking the billionaires’ playground that is Monte Carlo port.
The then-UEFA president declared, “My message for football is alarmist.”
“There are red lights flashing.”
We cannot continue to run deficits in the billions of euros without eventually paying the price.
At our peril, we disregard the issues.
When I see some things going so terribly, I’m concerned about our game.
We need to do some significant soul-searching.
“There is no scarcity of funds.”
However, it is due to poor financial management.
We must establish rules, and there will be no going backwards.
We won’t be popular, but we have to do it anyhow.
Otherwise, football will be ruined,” he said three months later, in August 2011.

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